I hope y'all will say "hello" to my buddy Sir Paul...

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  • Sir Paul
    Sir Paul

    Figures that a post intended to extend greetings to me... would degrade into a Battle-Royale ...of Lust, Passion, Greed, Betrayal, ...and figuring who's at the top of whose 'List'... lol

    Indeed, so many.. 'succulent treats' to lay one's eyes apon... {Sighs and shakes head sadly...} ... Sometimes, being a man in this world can be just... too much to bear... ;O)

    Xena: Though I do tend to be a little of the 'old-fashioned romantic type' myself... all the same, - I've never found a womans having a... RISING 'Bi-sexual meter' to be any kind of hindrance personally!..

    Rhonda: I thought I recognize that lovely leaning lass, as I was browsing about various posts earlier! Leaning for the loving support of her man... Ummm, or maybe it was to keep from falling over from all the drinks? LOL In anycase, it's good to see you again! .....What do you MEAN you enjoyed 'many' of my posts?... You didn't enjoy them ALL?!?! LOL

    Stinkpants: My lady, you are absolutely gorgeous... certainly you should be labeled 'Hot-Leather-pantz Of Passion Deluxe'?! lol... Now I know what is meant by the saying "Folks down south being REEEAAALLLL Nice!" By the way, even BEFORE I saw the picture Brad posted (Brad! what are you doing calling, and having photos of married women anyways??..) ..I was most tempted to proclaim how the perfect curve and grace of your... two hands... had inspired me so! ;O)

    Dr W: My good sir, I'm sorry to inform you... but having seen the entirety of Tink's Photo involving the mysterious 'blue shirt' ... It has come to my attention that there is a dinstinct possibility... just a possibility! - that some of Tinkster's 'Virtues'.... (cough COUgh... Ughh) ..Might have been suddenly ZAPPED AWAY by a certain, most conveniently placed.. ummm... groping hand. ...NOT - that this rather unfortunate business was of any of poor, defenseless, innocent {hacking coughs ensue for a few moments} ......Tink's doing - Mind You! Quite OBVIOUSLY - she was 'manhandled' without her Lady's permission or consent! I advise that the proper authorities be informed of this matter at once... and swiftly set out to 'round up' (psst.. Lock em' up forever!) ..any appropriately 'Italian-looking dudes!.. lolol

    Well, all in all... My own Beautiful English Rose is absolutely without a doubt at the very top of MY list and will always be my own 'personal favorite'! "I Love you Kelly!!"

    ... Now Brad, perhaps you'd like to pass 'THAT' one off to Kel, next time you talk to her??

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