I hope y'all will say "hello" to my buddy Sir Paul...

by Aztec 70 Replies latest jw friends

  • joannadandy

    Hubba hubba!


    *blows a kiss, makes some pouty lips*

    *Trips on her Malibu Barbie heels and falls down the stairs*

    And the crowd heard a soft little, "Welcome to the board Sir Paul" from the bottom of the stairs.

  • SheilaM

    Hey Sir Paul.......As everyone said before me any friend of Aztecs is a friend of mine.

  • Aztec

    You guys rock! Thanks so much for welcoming my, veddy veddy cute and sweet to boot, friend. I'll share him with you BUT I get first dibs on calling him k? :-p

    Sir Paul, expect a phone call in the next couple of days...;-)


  • Sir Paul
    Sir Paul

    Sir Elton: Nice to see another 'Knight bestowed with Honorary Title signifiying nothing really' on board!... Hmmm {Sir Paul suddenly notices that 'Sir Elton' is actually being shown on a TV screen, and that he's wearing what appears to be a black and white striped shirt, ...It suddenly dawns on him, that 'Sir Elton' might have actually....... 'rocketed out' from a certain facility...}

    Umm.. Ok Chap, nice talkin' to ya.. cheerio! (beating a hasty retreat)

    Ashitaka: Now now, mind those details you! - Current Wifie does in fact have One-and a Half legs!... Which isn't all bad in fact - Nothing quite like gettin yerself a 'stumpy back rub' you know... and did I mention those big breasts?... Why walk to work, when you can bounce?

    Gumby: Well, you know how these 'celebrity marriages' can last and all... and besides, I do quite enjoy visiting California from time to time... (I'm from San Mateo really)


    "you mean he wasn't talking about me when he said that???"

    You know, now that you mention it.... I WAS actually a touch...ummm... curious- let's say... about what was just below what appears to be a touch of swept open blue shirt!...

    Xena: What can I say but... 'GRRRRrrrrrrrrrr' I need to visit Texas again!

    Joannadandy: Personality, Effort, a fabulous wardrobe, ..and being extraordinarily CUTE certainly goes a long way with me! Nice to meet you luv...

    Sheila: When a woman wearing nothing but a towel has something to say to me... I Listen, most attentively!!

    Aztec: You mean I actually get a few days off to rest and relax this time? LOL...

    Take care all, I'll be back again soon!

  • gumby
    Gumby: Well, you know how these 'celebrity marriages' can last and all... and besides, I do quite enjoy visiting California from time to time... (I'm from San Mateo really)

    Hey bud,

    It seems we have many here from around these parts. If you play your cards right and continue to prove to be good association .....maybe I'll let you meet me someday

    I think I'm mentally geared now to attend an Apostofest and think someone should be thinking of one for us Northern Calif. people. It would be cool.


  • Aztec

    Ungrateful brat...LOL!


  • micheal

    Hey Sir Paul, welcome!!!!

  • SixofNine

    Welcome to the forum Sir Paul.

  • Sir Paul
    Sir Paul

    Aztec: Yeah yeah.. I know... you know I love you though!

    Micheal and SixofNine: Thankyou for the welcome guys.. It's good to see you.

    Gumby: Now now, - I never promised that I would be 'GOOD' association, did I? lol

    But all the same, I'm sure I would be most honoured if I were ever to meet you. Still, I can't think of a better place to hold an apostafest - than good ol' LAS VEGAS!

  • logansrun

    Welcome Paul. Have we met before?


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