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  • StinkyPantz

    I said:

    the other criteria I listed aren’t as necessary as this one

    Meaning, they aren't as necessary as trust. I didn't realize that people would think that I meant a friend HAS to loan other friends money. For anyone else that thought I meant that, sorry. I didn't. I just meant it was something that friends do. . (Of course. . I suppose that anything I write can be used to somehow show that I am lacking in character. . .)

  • frenchbabyface

    Well good definition SP But I agree with the money trouble it can change the “ communication and emotional involvement” and turns it into a "freaky, sneaky, unconfident" releationship.

    By the way is unconfident (the right word ?)

    I would also be a little bit nervous about the question of the time : some people/friends can’t just keep in mind that we've got our own life to live.

  • JH
    What do you consider the defining characteristics of a friend? As a side note, can a person be your friend if you have never met in person (like on this forum)?

    A friend talks to you, and doesn't ignore you. A friend will worry when they don't see you for a while. A freind shows friendship, and not animosity. A friend will try to understand you and not discredit you. A friend won't be jealous of your success and will try to make you happy when you're down.

    Yes, a person can be your friend even if you never met them. But on the other hand some will never be my friends because they are bad to the bone.

  • Prisca

    Hey SP, I'm gonna be $50 short this week. Can you lend me a dollar or two?

  • LittleToe

    Hmmm, someone has their grumpy head on, today

    IMHO money has been the cause of more breakups of friendships than perhaps any other single cause.

    I know people, who I would call friends, that I haven't seen or called for years. Every time we meet up, it's like the intervening time just never happened, as we carry on right where we left off. These are people who are more than just mere acquaintances.

    I've also had friends from the Internet. One such "pen-pal" had been corresponding with me for about six years before we finally met (nearly two years ago), and we've never seen each other again. We got on in person just as well as we did in correspondance. Sometimes there will be months pass, where we are out of contact, since we both travel a lot. This doesn't diminish the strength of our friendship, though.

    That having been said, I would say that I can count my "true" friends on one hand, and I've met them all. As someone earlier commented, there are degrees of friendshhip and trust.

    I would suggest that all the comments on this thread have contributed to the topic...

  • refiners fire
    refiners fire

    Pris. I gave you 200 last week! sheesh. (And I was very disappointed that you spent it on JEWELLERY)

  • smack

    you call those gawdy bawbells jewellery?

  • StinkyPantz


    You know that I am always grumpy .

    This thread has made me grumpy because I feel as if my character was questioned. . .

    Anyways, when I said a person would sacrifice their money that doesn't always mean loaning money. Haven't you ever made a long distance phone call? That is a sacrifice of money! Ever went to dinner with someone or had drinks with someone because they needed to talk? That is a sacrifice of money!

    I swear. . I could make 500 good points, but that's not what people see. . .and yes Prisca, the $50 is on its way.

  • jst2laws

    Sp, Simon, and anyone else concerned with the word "money" in the context of friendship,

    Friendship is a bond, a connection of mind and heart. That is why it can happen with people who have never met in person.

    A true bond means whatever happens to one affects the other. To varying and limited degrees the feelings and experiences of one are felt by the other.

    Sp was not saying "-sacrifices their time and money and sometimes sanity" was required upon demand of anyone she considered her friend. Yet if a BOND exists would not this be a natural response to the friend's needs? I think so.

    On the other hand, as soon as we sense this sacrifice IS EXPECTED UPON DEMAND then the bond diminishes.

    Seems we are all on the same page here aren't we?


  • obiwan

    Sheesh you two, get a room


    Sp, are you in need of some friendly lovin?!

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