Generally Speaking Do You Support The Police?

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  • punkofnice
    Simon - Those movies are documentaries.

    I always thought the Flintstones was a documentary.

    On a more serious note. One of my family (mixed race, so what you might call him 'of colour' or 'color'), has been a bit of a 'naughty boy' law wise.

    It was a British copper that sat down with him in a squad car and had a really good chat with him. On the level. A sort of a 'look, mate, you need to do X, Y and Z to sort yourself out.' I can't go in to the ins and outs.

    One of my family (who thinks he's a Jamaican gangsta type), took note. Thanked the copper and has really changed his life. I thank that British copper for seeing potential, calling it out as it is. That copper wasn't a bit racist. Most of the coppers I know are NOT racist. They're doing a job that gets more difficult the more the snowflake 'diversity' mentality eats into their work ethic.

    Now, about Spider-man........................

  • Simon

    Yeah, some basic father-figure type advice is what people need and what they are probably lacking in their life.

    The politicians "solution" to too many youths becoming violent criminals was to stop them being arrested. Sure, it made the stats better in the short term but is a ticking time bomb for society in the longer term as you create a generation of violent criminals.

    It's also not helping the people themselves to pander or ignore their actions. Their quality of life and life expectancy probably goes well down compared to tackling what they do and trying to set them on a better path.

    That's before you even get to the effect they have on their victims, both current and future potential ones.

    The people shouting "racism" are not helping anyone.

  • minimus

    I miss Dirty Harry.👮‍♂️

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