Saying hello for first time

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  • millie210

    Hi pimojw,

    Welcome, welcome, welcome!

    I feel like Flipper and wish you were my brother (a currently serving elder who is disdainful of me and my fading).

    I am pretty sure you are NOT him but you do give me a lot of hope with your posts about your situation. If you can do this - so can day!

    You are headed in a good direction now. Even as things crumble and fall away, the relief and building of a real life far out weighs any losses.

    At least that is what I am finding to be true.

    Really glad you are here and posting.

  • ShirleyW

    Thanks Flipper for breaking down what PIMO is!

  • pimojw

    thanks again all for lovely comments and suggestions. sorry but i am nobody's "fleshly brother" (what a strange expression!)

    a couple have mentioned ARC. i did watch it all (live on their website) and have studied the transcripts etc. too. all i can say is that many i know in various branches watched it, and openly discussed it. a few "rank and file" dubs i know watched/read about it, and didnt like what they saw . i have heard a few positive comments about brother jackson though. i think most dubs know nothing of arc however. some in positions of authority allow themselves to read "apostate" stuff online, but most dont.

    i kind of feel like another poster (i read it earlier today i think) who said at first he was somewhat impressed by how jackson came across, but after thinking about it, realized he didnt do so well at all. where was the promised holy spirit? also i was hoping for some changes in policy after arc, but none have come thus far (well, very few). i thought there might be a change in the 2 witness rule for child abuse (hinted at by jackson that it was at least theoretically possible), or a blanket policy of reporting. no such thing.

    the main thing about arc (and other issues) is that the brothers dealing with these matters, from local elders, to the branches, to whq, are all inept! child abuse shouldnt be dealt with at all by these men who have no experience or training.

  • shadow

    How about the overlapping generation? Do you know anyone who actually believes that?

  • pimojw

    no i dont! i think everyone doubts that nonsense! the only person who tried to say it "all makes sense now" proceeded to explain it all wrongly to me, so i had to put them right gently!

  • James Jack
    James Jack

    I have been consumed with your viewpoint and insight on things, keep posting.


  • LoisLane looking for Superman
    LoisLane looking for Superman

    Hi pimojw! it is so nice to have you with us!

    Like Flipper and Millie210 said, we are all hoping for old stuck in loved ones, to wake up and post. Hasn't happened yet, but there is always hope.

    After doing an all night 12 hour marathon reading Ray Franz's Crisis Of Conscience, I was out of WT, After being a born in, I woke up at age 62.

    We are all paranoid at first about posting. So we don't expect you to "Post your Photo" anytime soon on Flipper's on going thread. That is sort of a milestone, marking how far you have come in not caring who see's your picture and posting on a site such as this.

    So happy for you being awake. Life is so wonderful NOT under control anymore.


  • shadow

    So wouldn't that make the GB either liars or loons? Do you or anyone you know have an opinion about that?

  • shadow

    And thanks for your posts. I know the first step is a big one. Personally I still believe in God, Jesus and Bible but not sure what to do about it. Stay current but inactive and rarely at meetings now. Former MS, elder, pioneer, bethelite going back to pre 1975

  • tor1500

    Hi PimoJW,

    Welcome...I'm a witness too. There are many who are nice but they are so empty. I go to the meetings and most look so sad....The org. only teaches do's and don'ts...not is conditional...I'm ok with that...I have friends that are not witnesses, that's my balance.

    It must be difficult to wake up and still have to fake it. You have said many don't know about the ARC...I disagree, to me when nothing is mentioned is when I'm sure they know...see the org. has been pointing fingers at other religions about child abuse and other things, that they themselves are now or have been guilty of just not I believe many know but too ashamed because they pointed at other religions, now it's them...and it's their pride that won't let them let on they know...most witnesses are all over the net, even though they say they aren't, they are....most of us are sneaky little kids...because once you tell folks not to do something, they do it...undercover....

    I go to my meetings and something is up....there is a different atmosphere...I think most are just going through the motions...I wonder how many have been in the org. and have heard....this is really the end, see how all these hurricanes...etc...I'm wondering, if they are getting tired of hearing it...but can't chance being thrown out..

    When they say well, you know it's the end....I say, sure is..why debate...only time will tell... if 20 yrs. go by and it's still not the end...I won't have to say a word....

    If you love God & Jesus, don't let the org. take that away from you...believing in something helps us not to think to much of's a way to check yourself before you wreck yourself...the bible just shows us how to treat one another...God is not a golden calf...he is real, he listens and he hears and changes his mind...not like the org. portrays God...( of course this is if you still believe). I find many don't believe in God anymore because of the org...The God the org. describes is not the God of the Bible....The Bible is a book of love...God loved The Jews so much...even though they turned their back on him many a spouse who still loves their partner no matter what...the entire OT is about God begging the Jews to come back...The NT is about the Love of his Son Jesus Christ...again, the bible just teaches us how to treat one another...God never asked us to say the Lord's prayer backwards on one foot...check this out PimoJW...first God made 600 commandments, then 10, then he brought it down to 2...Love God & Love your neighbor as yourself....& who is our neighbor...anybody...that's the message...not like the org. says...not just our brothers and sisters...but everyone...God is not partial, so we shouldn't be either...this is why it's difficult for me to be a witness...I don't have conditional love...I have empathy for all...

    Don't let the org. take the love out of you...don't let them ruin your faith...Evolution, the big bang...whatever, if someone needs a helping hand...what does your conscience tell you to do ? Not the

    Stay Awake...the life you save may be your own...


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