Saying hello for first time

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  • scratchme1010

    pimojw, I just want to welcome you. Please feel free to explore this forum. There are lots of different views, ideas and stages of involvement with the WT.

  • pimojw

    i too think there is a different atmosphere these days - i think many can tell things are not quite right, but I really doubt that so many go online and check it out. would be very happy to be wrong. even if they do they could be like me and try to dismiss it all for years!

    shadow, no i dont think brother would go so far as to say that the gb are loons or liars. they always knew that they "are not inspired" and some things need correcting. you just wait patiently and jehovah puts it right. thats the attitude! the unusual thing about generations is that they will openly doubt it! its so crazy they have to!

  • UnshackleTheChains

    Welcome pimojw

  • FedUpJW

    ...but not a lot of will to deal with it.

    EXACTLY! As a very long term elder said when he was deleted (allegedly for being too old), "Elders are great about knowing WHAT to do and making decisions about WHAT to do, but no good at actually DOING anything!" His biggest "sin" was being a "doer", and being genuinely loving and kind. Can't have that s--t on the "body" showing up the rest as Pharisees.

    So if you can DO something positive with what you know you are a cut above the rest of the "body".

  • TD

    Greetings, pimojw

    I don't have much to say other than, "Welcome"

    My wife was an active JW up until a couple of years ago. I haven't set foot in a KH even as a casual visitor in decades, so I am out of touch in many ways.

    I do wonder sometimes, what keeps current members in. --The eschatology at this point has clearly failed.

  • stuckinarut2

    Welcome friend!

    This is a great community, made up of a great variety of people who have travelled the road with you. We understand what it is like to have the very foundation and stability of one's life called into question - simply by facts and reason and logic.

    Enjoy this new chapter of life! One that frees you up to genuinely use analytical and critical thinking skills.

    The most important thing is to let go of the FOG (Fear Obligation Guilt) that riddles us as born-in witnesses, and stifles any growth.

    Once that is let go of, we can truly grow!

  • LV101

    Welcome pimojw - enjoyed reading couple of your posts and look forward to more.

  • jhine

    Tor1500 , totally agree .


  • smiddy3

    Welcome pimojw from Australia ,hopefully you can help others to see TTATT who may have been lurking for as long as you apparently have.

  • tor1500

    Hi PimoJW, again,

    Don't let the org. make you lose faith...they are only man...The bible tells you who God/Jesus really are...Don't be angry with God because of some men...that's the test right there....I know you know this...I think for JW's it's the hardest thing to take our own advice...we tell everyone to have faith and become bible teachers, but we don't believe what we's easy to be a teacher of the bible, because it makes you look spiritual...I know many bible teachers, they teach but can't nor won't do what they teach....that's why many want a bible student, just to look more spiritual...yet many hope not to get one, because having a bible student is just like having a have to be there all the time...because the org. is bringing in misfits and needy folks...they are attracting what's already in there...the blind leading the blind...

    Again, if you still believe, then believe...drink some of the kool-aide and spit what you don't need out...

    As a human being you know what is right and what is yourself...yes even your understanding, but don't forget to not think so much of yourself...many witnesses are just witnesses just because it's a badge of honor, many just don't have any identity...many believe they are carrying Jehovah's a female carrying her mates name...REALLY ?


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