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  • Ding


    Think about what it says about the WT that so many people have to pretend to believe things they don't...

    One question.

    As an elder, you're no doubt expected to set an example in doing field service.

    How do you handle that, given all your doubts and the fact that you no longer believe that the organization is what the GB claims it is?

  • pimojw

    thanks for your comments. it would certainly be great not to be an elder! i think most feel that way.

    re your questions, no i havent done any of the things you ask! i dont think a single elder can. but i can contribute. with some working on the outside, some on the inside in whq and bethels (and im sure there are) and some in congs like me, we might bring the wt down or at least expose it for what it really is in the eyes of most. i dont think it can be reformed. as i said, if it wasnt for family id get out now.

    re the ministry, on my good days (with some christian faith) i enjoy the ministry. these days we can forget giving out literature (they dont want us to waste paper anymore) and i use the bible mostly. i love talking with people, and even enjoy some of the more practical magazines like teen depression or are u doing too much (recent good examples). fresh air, with my wife, focusing on listening to peoples problems and issues. maybe we do some good. i see the hypocrisy in this btw!

    as an elder i dont, and wont do anything against my conscience. if it really came to it id like to think id step down rather than do anything wrong

  • Ruby456

    hi pimojw nice to meet you.

    I have a lot of respect for individual Jehovah's witnesses (and xjws of course). Being able to give like that and to shoulder responsibility day in and day out is truly remarkable. I mean this. welcome. I think that in another time and place JWs would have made great senators, leaders, teachers and pace setters for the betterment of society. It is just that you got caught up in something that went horribly wrong.

  • jhine

    Hi Pimojw , l am one of a few non/neverhavebeen JWs on the site . l only pop in from time to time now , but this is a hard habit to break altogether !

    l am a Trinitarian Anglican who firmly believes in Evolution .


  • shadow

    Hi, did you watch ARC? Did many that you know watch it? Reactions?

  • The Fall Guy
    The Fall Guy

    Welcome PIMOJW.

    Lurking for so long must've given you a lot of comfort and encouragement to see such a "large army" of people like yourself. From a fellow fader, enjoy and thrive on your new road.

  • flipper

    Physically In, Mentally Out - A huge welcome to you my friend. I was a born in JW myself - exited about 14 years ago - just stopped attending due to injustices happening within the organization and elders unjust treatment of others - as well towards myself. I came from a JW family whereby they were grooming me to be the next young elder appointed. Had an older brother who is a long time elder and father who was an elder since early 1950's who set the bar too high for me to jump over. I decided against " progressing " , " advancing " - whatever the powers to be want to call it - when I saw hypocrisy while serving as a ministerial servant for years in my 20's. But didn't stop attending for good until age 44 like your situation due to family concerns or reaction.

    I think we each reach our breaking point in our own time indeed, and it seems you've reached yours as well. I respect that you want to be extremely cautious about how you accomplish this especially having your wife and extended family still in the organization. If I didn't know any better a secret part of me hopes that you're my older JW elder brother. ( Just joking, but halfway serious. ) Anyway I won't go down that road.

    Welcome to freedom of mind and expression here on this board. I've been here over 10 years now and everybody has their story in how this organization the WT Society has either assisted in the breakup of their family due to the shunning process or caused them untold grief in many ways, some have lost in death relatives, i.e. parents, children, or spouses due to the no-blood transfusion policies, some rank & file JW's have been disfellowshipped due to standing up for children being molested within congregations by reporting it to police, other victims of child abuse have committed suicide due to not receiving " justice " in what they once thought was " Jehovah's loving organization " . The extent of injustices that are reeking of the smell of criminality within this organization are very comparable to what Leah Remini and Mike Rinder are exposing in the weekly show on A&E television regarding abuses in Scientology. If you get a chance I highly recommend that you watch that show and the comparisons will stagger you with what we've seen in the Jehovah's Witness organization.

    Since many of us have exited the JW organization we have become " activists " of sorts. Some of us in a quiet sort of way chatting up JW's at the cart stands in a non-combative way in order to get them thinking about realities that the mind control indoctrination of WT won't let them ponder on due to " information control " tactics employed on them from WT leaders. Some of us leave news releases from the media in a clandestine way at grocery store information boards concerning WT child abuse offenses happening as most JW's sitting in a kingdom hall are not aware of the thousands of child abuse lawsuits being brought worldwide against the WT Society currently. So some of us are involved in exposing that. But mostly the best revenge is living a calm, peaceful life full of happiness after exiting the Witnesses. Which is what I've tried to do- successfully I might add ! Love playing guitar and writing songs now !

    By being undercover as you are as an elder you have a fantastic opportunity within the position you are in to assist the stopping of unjust treatment of people within your own scope and geographical area in your congregation and neighboring congregations. Of course while remaining on the down low so you don't blow your cover. It's totally up to you how to process all of this and how to proceed in your future of course. I understand the need for privacy, confidentiality, and extreme caution. So I want to welcome you deeply to your freedom of mind and I offer my friendship and support to you as you seek clarity and reality within your inner life and outer life. I wish you all the best and keep researching and feeding your open mind . Critical thinking ability is not as bad as the WT Society has made it out to be. It can actually save our life ! LOL . Take care friend, sincerely, Peace out, Mr. Flipper

  • NeedToKnow

    I'm new here, just joined so I have no idea how to use the quotes and stuff.

    I wanted to quote All or nothing where she said I simply saw it as them taking more power on and we Lowly ones having to believe cuz they said it...thoughts?

    I've been feeling the same for so long. It just seems like the GB want us all to hang our lives on their every word and ignore Jehovah's word. How many people throughout history have shed their lives so that the Bible can survive and be available to us all and then we have the GB practically scrapping it and replacing with every other pub they've written? It's so narcissistic and we all know who the very first narcissist is. My husband is not a JW though he has studied so much. If it were uni he'd have a masters lol. But we always discuss the bible and we both have the same feeling, that the GB has grown a big head and are on the verge of apostasy themselves.

    I also avoid the broadcasts, it's just like tv evangelising. And although my kids were encouraged by elders to read the young ppl ask books, they never did and I never cared. I'm grateful all my kids are too old for Caleb stories and they will never marry a JW.

    I think this is what it may feel like to be an alcoholic at an AA meeting. So many subjects to vent about, so little time. It's 2:30am and I gotta work tomorrow.

  • Diogenesister

    Hi Pimojw! I'm really sorry you find yourself in this heinous situation.

    Judge MaClelland of the ARC called it a " captive organization"...and it's the best description I've heard.

    I think this is why shunning is the no.1 issue, and harm, for jw's. Without shunning people would have the ability to walk away from the org - and in doing so refuse to accept the other harmful practices. Jehovahs Witnesses could vote with their feet when it comes to blood, child abuse and the 2 witness rule, domestic violence and many other problems that we fear to criticise, or just debate.

    They weaponized our family's....and our conscience pays the price.

    A lot of the conflicts you have regarding beliefs ring so true for me, too! I too have a real respect and love for the man Jesus, and I don't believe he would agree with their heirachical, pharaseical attitude.

    I also think he would be found humbly working in a soup kitchen if he were on earth right now, not hurling fireballs at children with Antony Morris the turd and the rest of the GovBod.

    I'm absolutely convinced that evolution is true but how the universe and life began, that is a whole other question. I long to think a benign and wise force is there somewhere. I also think there is much to admire in Buddhism as a way of life.

    One thing I do is try not to judge. I also dislike the pomposity of believing you are utterly right as the Watchtower does, and most horrible that I look forward to a paradise for me that I will gain by the murder of 7 billion people, a billion of which at any given time are babies and young children.

    Keep on having an open mind and WELCOME!!

  • cofty

    Hi pimojw welcome to the forum. You really are a long-time lurker.

    Good to hear you enjoy investigating evolution. If you want a chat about it any time let me know...

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