Prediction of how Watchtower going to be in 5 Years.

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  • Foolednomore

    Longhairgal- You said! This group attracted lazy people who just wanted to collected a check(welfare) and peddle magazines. In my teenage years, I was discouraged from college training to go peddle magazines. That lasted two weeks, I enrolled in school. And even though I was looked down upon for getting educated. I now have a career and able to support myself and family. Which is alot better then what I can say about the parasites Watchtower produces.

  • LV101

    LHG - you are right on the money - every point. I couldn't take it yrs ago -- I'd never been around such conniving, entitled, social, misfits.

  • Beth Sarim
    Beth Sarim

    The Borg will probably gaslight the sheeple for a subscription fee

  • SnakesInTheTower

    I did not mean to hit dislike on LHGs post. I fixed it.. LOL.. Typing on a tablet.

    I completely agree. If I were still in and still an elder, I would resent the pressure to appoint 20 year old "elders." Back when I was growing up (baptized 1983), you had to "progress" and be in your 30s before being an elder. Late 20s was rare and usually in a small congregation.

    What the actual fxck does a 20 year old know about ANYthing?

    Except that the religion is about NOTHING now. Just another Participation Trophy and a Fuc#ing Gold Spiritual Star.


  • BluesBrother

    My attempts to predict the future of the WTS are as unlikely to come true as their attempts to predict the future of the World.

    They never cease to surprise me.

  • Sea Breeze
    Sea Breeze
    The result is the demographic changed for the worse. When these elderly (Boomers and older) are gone, it’s going to resemble an insane asylum because I don’t believe any of the younger ones with a brain will hang around.

    Well said LHG.

  • slimboyfat

    No idea, either.

    I think it depends a lot on world events, which are themselves unpredictable, but probably volatile. If so, everyone, including JWs, may get more apocalyptic in outlook

  • TonusOH

    I don't see a viable path forward for the WTS, because the way it operates has painted it into a corner.

    They depend on the desperation of people who believe that the end is near, so many forms of long-term financial planning have been discouraged. They have frequently prided themselves on not forcing people to donate, so any type of subscription or transaction-based gates will turn off many of the die-hard members. They spent so long encouraging members to reject wealth and build spiritual treasures, that they can't turn around now and push them to find better jobs/careers. They constantly point to signs that the end is very close, and that just adds to the disillusionment of members, as nothing ever happens and momentous occasions fade into distant memory.

    A bunch of old men who have no better option are likely to simply hold out as long as they can, figuring that it will be the next iteration of the GB that will need to deal with the fallout. Which means that they will hold the course and try to keep the house of cards from falling over too quickly. I don't know if it will take five years or fifty, but the crash will probably be spectacular.

  • truth_b_known
    Watchtowers future Is focusing on the children. People are not coming in from territorium so they gonna do what they can too grab the jw children early.

    This is it right here!

    Look at this as we would the population of a nation. In order to lower a nation's population the government usually prohibits having more than 1 child per couple (e.g. China). To maintain a population level the government encourages having 2 children per couple (there was a Scandinavian country that did this). This system works.

    In order for Jehovah's Witnesses to grow I would imagine a couple would have to have 4 children. Here's why 4 -

    My personal experience is seeing in my generation that 33.3% of JW children remain JW when they become adults. That is in JW families that have at least 3 children. That is to say, 1 out of 3 children in a JW family tends to remain a JW.

    That is why the Watchtower will put more effort into multimedia for children. I would never have imagined growing up as a child that the Watchtower would be producing animated children's programming or connect the dots activities in their printed material. The religion isn't being "dumbed down". It is lowering its level to that of a young child.

  • FedUpJW

    The fear factor will get more intense.

    Agreed. It is already happening from what I hear. The occasional times I stop by on ZOOM just to see what the people are up to I am amazed at how many of the "encouraging" talks are now geared to how bad it will soon be, and how they won't be able to count on Jehovah keeping them alive through it all, but it will rather be a few select ones who may be saved. I remember decades ago it was all about not worrying, now it is fear, worry, and stress that is promoted.

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