Aussie jw girl very sick in US funded by wordly people carity

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  • sherrie11

    This article is sad. But what amazes me is her JW family is accepting donations or has to resort to the very worldly people they look forward to being destroyed. Shame on jw org shame . why couldn't this filthy rich organisation help them?

    Shame on them!

  • ToesUp

    That is very sad. This poor family is dealing with so much.

    Why can't the JW organization help them? The organization only helps itself. The donations only go one their pocket. They are shameless and selfish. They are building a new up state NY retirement resort, they need the funds for that. Remember what our golden boy Lett stated in his JW broadcast, "we have more money going out , than we have coming in." Who did not count the cost?

  • Diogenesister

    Oh my...what a beautiful, smart kid....a poster asked recently what was the point of the cult. Is this, perhaps, the one and only situation where it might do some good? In giving a dying child hope? Of course not if it affects treatment plans but in this case - where there is no hope? I don't know. She's adorable đŸ˜¿

    And is despicable that the org & GB with their billions do not pay the fares home, a drop in the ocean to them...just sell a couple of gold apple watches!!!

  • nowwhat?
    What a joke this organization is granted charity status.
  • Caminante
    Her story is also dealt with in the February edition of JW Broadcasting.
  • Beth Sarim
    Beth Sarim

    Shameful. I just cannot stand how the JWs end-up relying on so called **worldlies**. The ones who they have so much contempt for and believe will be destroyed and only the JWs will survive.

    It just goes to show the utmost, untold hypocrisy that **worldlies** often come to their rescue, the ones who are to be bird food.

    When the **worldlies** fall sick, the JWs hardly do the same. Yes. Shame, double shame on JWs,

  • Scully


    Is this, perhaps, the one and only situation where it might do some good? In giving a dying child hope?

    I think they've done enough of *that* already, when they told her that she would be Resurrectedâ„¢ to Live Forever In Paradise on Earthâ„¢.

    "She has hope that she is going to live forever. To her, this is a small chapter - it isn't the end."

  • steve2

    How ironic that they have to turn to a worldly arrangement to generate funds to get back to Australia.

    However, it has left me wondering, when they left Australia for the USA, did the funding they had from Australia not cover the return trip?

    I am astonished that they traveled to another country for treatment that was not available at home - yet had not considered then how they would return home again. In the absence of public funding, how did they think they'd return back home?

    Or had her parents been granted permanent residence status in the US so they do not actually need to return to Australia but want to do so for their dying daughter?

  • elderINewton

    this is the girl in the February 2016 broadcast.

    Not sure if I should get angry or cry.

  • ToesUp

    This is the girl from the February Broadcast?

    Holy crap! Have you seen how much WT is making off of the sale of their properties? They can't afford to send this little girl home? They could care less about anyone but themselves. Just give em a track, Watchtower/Awake or a book to read? That's going to fix what this little girl and her family are facing TODAY?

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