Aussie jw girl very sick in US funded by wordly people carity

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  • elderINewton

    I thank Sherri11 for the link. I have forwarded this to a few "in" friends and said take a read of this after you watch the broadcast.

    I hope this wakes up some minds.

    I hope that all the apostates pick this up and show that the GB really doesn't care. Maybe that will work.

  • WTWizard

    Why doesn't the organization take some of the money they stole from children's ice cream cones and care for cases like this? After all, the washtowel caused many of these situations or made them worse with their stupid doctrines, poverty, the repeated black magic used at boasting sessions, stress from too much field circus and not being good enough, and encouraging them to neglect minor problems that could become big ones in the pretext that joke-hova will take care of them.

  • LisaRose

    They would never, ever give money to an individual, because they don't want the rank and file to think that anyone's needs are more important than the preaching work. They also know the elders would then be deluged with requests for help from others in difficult circumstances.

    Of course there is always money for fancy suits, watches and first class travel for the governing body.

    James 2:16 and one of you says to them, "Go in peace, be warmed and be filled," and yet you do not give them what is necessary for their body, what use is that?
  • sherrie11

    Thanks for the comments guys. I am still shaking my head over the audacity of this cults non christian behavior as far as being charitable. Christianity aside they lack a complete moral compass.

    As a footnote I have read the comments on the donation page..a lot are from jdubs. These people should be asking the organisation to help. No they are so brainwashed it seems that question is beyond them they only give to their own kind!

  • Diogenesister

    Actually..It might be a good example to show the UK charity commission

    Steve2 They are mortgaged up to the hilt...they paid for the treatment themselves. After the initial treatment failed I am sure themedics came up with a myriad of other reasons she needed to stay but the real costs come in flying her back with all the equipment/ medics etc - I guessed they where praying if all went well she would be coming home on a regular flight...

  • steve2

    Thanks Diogenesister. Praying and hoping are understandable but as it has turned out, this requires a practical, cash-based solution.

    Even if itself has a "policy" of not providing such funding, perhaps these JW parents should turn to their brothers and sisters. This is a religious organization that routinely boasts about how much the Witnesses pitch in to help their own brothers andcsisters.

    Be no part of the world indeed - unless your brothers and sisters cannot help you and you need funding from anyone to get your sick child home. Ironic.

  • Trent Duvall
    Trent Duvall

    I'm sorry but is anyone else smelling a rat here? I am as compassionate and understanding and human as the next person but this story is traversing the worlds media in the past 6 days or so and it just so happens that this poor girl was featured on the February JW Broadcasting? The girl and her family also just happens to be; yes, you guessed it; AUSTRALIAN? Damage control alert maybe? I don't know, I'm sure you will tell me?

    Did they seek out this Australian family specifically for the emotional effect it would have? Was this all coincidence? Then we see what can only be described as an orchestrated media campaign build up and as you can understand the people of the world (worldly people) exhibit human compassion to a major extent in their offering of help, support and assistance? No surprise at all, as it is human nature to be concerned about the plight of suffering children and the rest of humanity in general.

    A lady by the name of Megan Latham starts a GoFundMe campaign looking for $150,000 to help the family for flight home? As of today this fund in far in excess of the the goal and stands at $218,675? As many have said on the crowd funding site comments, there are actually charities which can help this family to get home such as and and even Quantus has offered help I believe? On these flights only the fuel has to be paid for as the Doctors and Nurses offer their charitable assistance?

    Should not the first port of call for help have been The Watchtower Bible and Tract Society first since they used this child in a propaganda piece to look good to the Australian lobby and the wider world? No matter how one may feel about the Watchtower, I am sure if they were approached they could have pulled some strings or had some sort of help for this family. I thought they had aircraft?

    Found the following link from around the time Phelicity was born in which the family were trying to raise funds at that time too

    Where is the help from the brothers? And who benefits from the excess funds raised? If it is Phelicity and family, well that is fine but it should have been stated on the fund and not just as for flights home? I wonder could the Watchtower Charity be a beneficiary? In fact, crowdfunding could be a lucrative money spinner if you get the right emotional story and social media campaign built up after a promo on JW Broadcasting? Hmmmm...

    Peace out

  • SkyGreen

    In this case the jw org did help a LOT just fyi. Apparently they didnt publicise it because it involved helping an individual. Her parents have done loads of volunteer work at HQ over the years of going back and forth for Phelicity's treatment so theyre like part time bethelites if that's a thing? so i guess thats why the BORG helped in this case. The broadcast was filmed almost a year before it aired. Its focus was on faith through trials or something not on charity.

    The family were hoping the op would make her well enough to fly home normally. But she was too sick to go without a medical flight. The sneesbys have befriended and helped heaps of people (jw and non jw) in similar situations that they have met through hospital and charities.they're lovely people.

    Poor kid though. Thankfully she got home in time to say goodbye to her sisters as she wished.

    Source: I have non witness friends who are close to me and to the Sneesby family. I asked about this.

  • SkyGreen

    All excess funds went to phelicitys family to pay off medical debt.

  • ToesUp

    " Her parents have done loads of volunteer work at HQ over the years of going back and forth for Phelicity's treatment so theyre like part time bethelites if that's a thing?"

    With all due respect of this incredible loss. This family received assistance because of WHO they were. My family and I have witnessed this over and over again in this religion. NOW...we are out. NOW...we have witnessed complete strangers giving and helping others that they do not know. You know...evil worldly people.

    This religion gives to those they call "exemplary." This is one thing that really irks me! They won't give to anyone else. We have seen some VERY faithful Brothers and Sisters throughout the years who are what we call "ordinary folk". They won't give squat to these ones. We experienced this personally and is one of the main reasons we are OUT.... NEVER to return!

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