Were you beaten as a child?

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  • Londo111
    I've said this before, but at one Kingdom Hall I went to, they had to tell parents to be more discreet, that is, not spanking their children in front of the hall because non-JWs driving by were seeing and inquiring about it.
  • sparky1

    After reading many of the comments here, it occurs to me that many Jehovah's Witness parents are not really 'footstep followers of Christ'.

  • adjusted knowledge
    adjusted knowledge

    I suppose by today's standard I was "beaten". I wouldn't have a problem with the spankings, except my parents never hit me out of discipline. They hit me with belts, hands, and branches out of angry. There was no cooling down and coming back and then disciplining us children. Instead my father would be angry because we interrupted his sleep or tv program so we got smacked immediately. I think the verbal abuse was more traumatic than the physical discipline. Being told your worthless piece of shits because you have a bad day at work is not acceptable. To this day my sister that is 43 has low self esteem and I think it originates from the JW lifestyle. The worst was when my father literally forced me to eat a small portion of soap that was used and dirty. This wasn't for cussing but because I talked back to him. I was 9 years old at the time. That only happened once but I still remember it vividly. He squeezed my entire body with one arm and force a bar of soap into my mouth with his other. My mother doing nothing about it.

    My father never became a JW but allowed and supported my mother's decision to force this awful religion onto us. I think he liked their disciplinary methodology.

  • BlackWolf
    Yes me and my three siblings have been slapped, punched, and spanked in every way. We still are. I'll admit there are a few times we may have deserved it but most of the time it is just unnecessary. A few months ago I had told my dad that I didn't want to go meeting and he slapped me on the face so hard it swelled up. I haven't complained since. :(
  • rebelfighter

    Never a JW nor any of my family. My heart goes out to each of you for all the abuse that you suffered. My mother was an alcoholic she beat me with anything that was close at hand and cussed me out. By the age of 12 I began playing a different game, I came home when I wanted to, I did what I wanted, I started working and supported myself. She started charging me rent and refused to buy me any clothes. I only came home when I knew she had company that would protect me or she was to drunk to care that I was there. I made sure to clean the house and do all the laundry for her on the weekends while she was at work. We lived like that till I graduated from college. If she attempted to throw a punch, she knew by then I would punch her back.

    The long term effects of how I was raised is that I still have a very hard time trusting people.

    No, I never hit my children. I could simply look across the room at them catch a glance we would smile at one another and corrective measures would instantly take place. They are two very fine young adults. I have had many compliments that as a single parent I did an outstanding job with my kids, all I can say is I did the opposite of what my mother did and prayed a lot.

  • cantleave
    I was beaten, pinched, punched, kicked, had my hair pulled, made to eat soap, stripped naked and whipped with a belt......all because my mother loved me and didn't want me falling away from the truth!
  • sowhatnow

    so basically, based on these horror stories, most all of us would have been taken from our parents and put in the custody of the state, and these parents would have gotten arrested and fined.

    absolutely disturbing. what next...

    [sparky, right on, but,  where on earth did you get that picture,lol , its odd,  the kids have modern clothes on so i suppose its supposed to be future?]

  • rebel8

    My mother would tell the story of me lining up my dolls to play meeting. She observed me angrily jerking them out of the seat and beating the heck out of them.

    omg, you just brought back memories of jw kids younger than me doing just that. So very sad.

    made to eat soap

    I got that a lot because I was mouthy. Let's just say I was not happy when the local grocery store started carrying liquid dish soap, though I came to prefer lemon Joy over the other flavors.

    Part of this is because it was socially acceptable among worldly people to do this (proving they are not better than "the world"). I am listening to some 1950s radio programs right now, and one fictional story mentioned a child having to take a scalding bath as punishment. It was mentioned in passing as though it was quite normal.

    These torture techniques are just horrifying really.

  • sparky1

    sowhatnow, It is a stock Google image.

  • ozbrad

    My father was an incredibly violent man who would take out the belt on any occasion to take out his temper on his children. If he had a bad day at work he would beat us if another elder pissed him off he would take it out on us.

    He's a frail old man now who couldn't hurt a fly but I don't forget and I don't forgive either.

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