Were you beaten as a child?

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  • Wasanelder Once
    Wasanelder Once
    I was pretty slow, so yes, jk. My parents were all about the threat. Seldom did we get whacked, a wooden spoon on the knuckles now and then when we sampled freshly baked cookies of course.
  • TheLiberator

    Of course.

    Ages 1-4. Hand

    Ages 5-6. Tupperware spoon

    Ages 6-15. Leather belt, tree branches, forced to stand on knees in the middle of room for hour or more (otherwise you were beaten with leather belt until welts or blood appeared)

    Attempted to throw you down a dark basement. Forced to do unusual chores like wax washers, dryers, etc. (otherwise, see above)

    Screaming so loud you could hear him almost a block away. Hmm..anything else? Oh, one more thing. Bad= spilling tea on table at dinner.

    Oh the joys of theocratic life! I did speak with elders due to beating my toddler sister and screaming at my 8 month old brother in the middle of the night. I was told that I needed to respect my dad.

  • stillin

    You yup. Beaten pretty good. But ai remember what the beatings were for and I deserved it. No problem.

    I didn't beat my kids much at all compared to what I got. Kids these days are such pussies. ;)

  • Seeking agape
    Seeking agape

    yes I was beaten as a child, not as severely as most.

    What got me was the pressure to beat my son at 9 mos old for making noise during the meeting. It was one of the reasons why I left. People would give me dirty looks for letting him play on the floor quietly during the meeting. I still feel bad for the beatings I doled out in the Kingdom Hall bathroom and at home.

    I promised myself and I haven't spanked him since I left the Jw's when he was 6.

  • a watcher
    a watcher

    I was beaten black and blue by hand by my emotionally disturbed, alcoholic, violent, abusive masonic father.

    Not a JW.

  • sowhatnow

    good gravy sparky, your mom [right?]  was a child abuser, lol.

    I remember so many people who were pretty abusive to their kids.

    for me, oh yes. my mom. [almost never my father. but he wasn't a jw. I cant remember my dad ever hitting me].

    shed smack us with a bare hand, often wooden spoon, home made wood paddle. slap in the face, cant recall how young i was, but before going to the jw meetings we went to a Lutheran church, one hour services, and all us little ones were in the basement for sunday school. i was only a toddler then, but at age 5 is when she started gong to khall. and along with that, the beatings.lol because Id talk..... ask questions, whatever.

    to go to go to k hall, and have to sit with adults and have with nothing to look at for two freaking hours, or more depending on if the meeting went OVERTIME was torture.

    remember overtime? when they wouldn't get the watchtower paragraphs done on time? oh they would keep going till it was finished. half hour over sometimes. then long prayers. oh the long prayers. well it seemed long to a kid, lol

    then comes along, when i was 8, my little brother was always getting the spoon, he was a challenge for my mom, in HER eyes. because then, we did not have any tablets or pencils to draw during the meeting. she expected a 3 yr old who just ate coco puffs before the Sunday meeting, to sit for two hours. usually hed fall asleep and snore,lol. hed be on the floor squirming he could not sit still. i felt bad for him, she was always dragging him in the basement bathroom and beating him, shed pull his pants down and give him the wooden spoon.and yes he had bruises, she never ever will admit it was child abuse.

    these days, the young kids I can recall being at meetings, were in one of two groups, those whose parents were easy going, they'd bring a book bag with crayons coloring books, a blankie, cheerios in a Tupperware container. its like some event going on in the back row.lol.

    babies looking all over the place and moms standing in the back with them.

    or those whose parents drag them back every meeting to paddle, and tell them they are 'being watched' by jehoohoo, disappointing him, he doesn't like it when you misbehave, bla bla bla. poor kids.

  • rebel8

    Yes, and she was deliberately brutal, choosing her weapons and targeting her blows to maximize their impact against my medical problems. She did it when she was frustrated with her own life, mad at me for not meeting her narcissistic needs, and for independent thinking. Granted, I was also a PIA kid with an attitude, but 95% of that was due to her being a sick individual in a sick cult.

    She does not justify herself at all now. She does not believe it needs justifying. The borg said your kid would not die if you beat her, and I didn't die, so their truth is proven (in her warped mind). Not only was she told I wouldn't die, but she was commanded to beat me.

    Yes, the talks from the platform characterized children as bulls that needed to be bridled and beaten into submission--there is no other way to teach children.

    Once I tried reading her the scriptures about exasperating your children (can't remember the exact quote right now), and well, you can guess how she reacted.

    There was some publication in the 80s that said parents needed to wean themselves off the beatings as a child aged and learned how to control herself. I read that to her as well, but she said I wasn't ready for that. On my high school graduation day, she was embarrassed to have refused to give me a gift or celebrate it, and tried taking that out on me (as she did with any of her personal frustrations). I held her arms back and informed her she would never hit me again. And she didn't.

  • James Mixon
    James Mixon
    NO, I wasn't raised a JW. Thank God.
  • jwfacts

    Yes, she broke a few wooden spoons on me, but it is ok because it was done "out of love."

    There is an article at http://www.jwfacts.com/watchtower/child-discipline-corporal-punishment.php outlining the Watchtower stance on spanking children.

  • talesin

    TheLiberator -- I'm so sorry that was your childhoood, and I understand. xo tal

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