Were you beaten as a child?

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  • Bonsai
    Yup. Three parents took their turn finding all kinds of ways to inflict pain on me. But to be fair, I mostly deserved it. My step father knocked me silly and gave me a bloody nose in the KH parking lot. Great way to start a meeting. I remember once my mother spanked my liitle brother's diapered butt in the KH and got shit all over her hand. LOL
  • ShirleyW

    Spanking to the point that leaves welts and scars I don't believe in AT ALL , but I have to say though that it isn't just JWs who believe in spanking, if you watch a certain rerun of The Andy Griffith Show at the end he asks a dad if he wants to go to the shed in the back and teach his son a lesson. Raven Symone on THe VIew is just 30 and she has several times that since her folks or southeners as she is, if she even attempted to do certain things she knew she was "gonna get a whuppin".

    I'm over 50 so of course most of the kids back then were spanked but nowadays not too many parents believe in spanking, which just might be the problem with some of the young folks today (yea, I said it) since some parents do the "friend thing" with their kids and/or just give up. I believe in spanking, have no kids, but believe in it. Just my opinion and probably not a popular one here on this forum.

  • Terry

    I was:

    1. Slapped in the face

    2. Beaten with a belt on my butt and lower back (still have the scars.)

    3. Given ice water enemas

    4. Spanked with open hand on my butt

    5. beaten with a fist

    6. screamed at, cursed as well as given the "silent treatment" for over a year.
    7. made to wash my mouth out with Lye soap.

    8. Given two tablespoons of Cod Liver Oil

  • Pete Zahut
    Pete Zahut
    4 minutes ago
    Yup. Three parents took their turn finding all kinds of ways to inflict pain on me. But to be fair, I mostly deserved it.
    The fact that you think you "mostly deserved it " shows that the damage still lingers.

  • Bonsai
    I also believe kids need a good smack sometimes, but it should be done in when all efforts to reason with the child have failed. Children should always know what they are being punished for and it shouldn't be done while in a heated anger. My mother often gave me three strikes (warnings) and then busted out the wooden paddle. I don't do that with my children, but it was very effective in teaching me that doing stupid stuff would lead to serious consequences.
  • LisaRose

    Children do not need to be spanked to be taught to behave, they just don't, it's not even really that effective. I spanked my kids, although not very much, but if I had it to do over again I wouldn't. Hitting, especially in anger, just shows your child that you can't control your temper and that physical violence is the way to solve things, why would you want to teach them that? It is so much better to model good behavior, be consistent, kind but firm. It may take more time and effort, but it's so much better for the child. There are other forms of discipline, time outs, taking away privileges, extra chores, whatever.

    My grandson was a strong and determined child a real handful. I was concerned when my daughter said she was never going to use physical punishment, but she was right, he turned out to be a fine young man.

  • sparky1

    This book should be required reading for all new parents.....religious or otherwise.

  • purrpurr

    Wow this sounds like it's pretty common in the Borg. My mother was still hitting me in my early twenties. By then she had moved on to fists, slaps and big time physiological abuse. When I got a jw boy friend and started courting him I had to tell her that if I married him I'd be moving out. She thought he would move in to her house and that she would control us both(!) Her response was to go crazy hitting and slapping me! I told my boy friend via text and he was mad about it for a while but then he spoke to his parents who told him not to get involved. So he called me up and told me just that!!

    Yep my boy friend wasn't going to support me or defend me against my mother! That was the beginning of the end for that relationship, I dumped him soon after.

    My mother has now stopped her physical abuse of me but only after I resorted to blackmailing her with the loss of her career if she ever touched me again. It's incredible the lenghts i had to go to to stop it. But throughout my life growing up in the Borg most of the Cong knew exactly what my mother was doing to me but no one ever said or did a thing about it. Not even a sheparding call about screaming and abusive speech etc nothing. I remember once my mother telling the elderettes a "funny" story...

    That she had had a plate fall on her foot in the kitchen and it hurt so much that she turned to me and started punching me! Hahahahaha! How funny said my mother, and proceeded to clarify "you know what it's like when you get a sudden pain you just have to hit someone you know?" The elderette just looked at her but said nothing! Nothing!

    Later in life when I went to the elders myself about her abuse they would just say "all we can do is encourage you" like throwing the word encourage around was going to help. I felt like saying to them "encourage is a word that implys action!"

    Oh the happy spiritual paradise that is the Borg!

  • neat blue dog
    neat blue dog

    Yes, with a belt, a fly swatter and by hand. Once I saw stars. 😜

  • Lieu

    Yeppers. I'm still alive. 

    It was a generational thing. JWs had no moratorium on spankings. School teachers could spank you in my day. Principal had a wooden  paddle with holes in it.

    Betcha didn't act like a fool in the grocery store, curse at adults, or kill your peers just because.

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