Were you beaten as a child?

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  • LV101

    sparky1 - Alice Miller's books are the best. She doesn't sugarcoat the parent's abuse and calls it what it is -- hatred for the child. One of her great books is "Drama of the Gifted Child" -- excellent read.

  • Aprostate Exam
    Aprostate Exam
    Ohh yes, I got beaten more times in the Kingdom Hall restroom than at home. My mother did this more in demonstration to show all the brothers that her children were the cause of her disturbance. She pulled me down the isle many times as I screamed my ass off. All brothers would see me being taken to the back and it almost seemed like they had a stupid smile on their face. My mother enjoyed the self pity she brought upon herself after the meetings. I thank my creator if he exists, for my father that never gave himself completely to this cult. It all ended when my mother tried to slap the shit out me on schedule for me flipping pages with my bible. I got up and screamed at her, "This is the last time you do this to me"! I was 15 and big enough to block her hands. The brothers in the hall sided with her as always and she would cry telling the sisters that her children were evil. The brothers blamed the apparent happenings on our unbaptized father "Satan". Now, I admit to loving my dad more. I sat away from her from then forward.
  • stuckinarut2

    Yes, wooden spoons were commonly used.

    Remember, this was SANCTIONED and PROMOTED by the society at the time.

    During the Australian Royal Commission, G Jackson was extensively questioned re Corporal punishment, and he was backed into a corner and LIED by saying that "no, we do not condone corporal punishment"

  • joey jojo
    joey jojo

    My parents were pretty reasonable with corporal punishment. Definitely got the belt from dad and the feather duster and electrical cord from Mum but only once or twice. Never fists or slapped faces.

    My cousins though- a different story. They were JW's (not anymore) and my Aunty would do anything to her daughters. Electric cords across the back of bare legs, purple bruises and broken skin. I saw her break a wooden spoon on my 10 yr old cousins arm and keep hitting her with the handle. Brushes, fists, bamboo canes. My wife got it almost the same from her parents growing up as JW's. Hardly any of the behaviour warranted the ridiculous punishments some kids got.

    When I think about the real little bastards, the kids that always misbehaved, even though they got beaten regularly, they still acted out, that's why I doubt corporal punishment really works. Maybe in some cases but not all.

    Ahh the 70's, the good old days.

  • GoneAwol

    Me and my brother got the cricket bat, yes thats correct, the cricket bat. A silver coloured Sondico full size. Anything that riled our step dad, that was it. We used to have bunk beds made of angle iron, he would make us bend over under the top one, then wack! Sore arse and bonse at the same time.

    I turned 13, my bro 18 months older. I smashed the kitchen window larking about, and my step dad came running after me with the bat. My bro grabbed it and beat the crap out of him. Never touched us after that

    Oh yeah, hes 69 now. And he works for me. Happy days.

  • ttdtt
    No I never was.
  • LoveUniHateExams

    Did you get beaten?

    No. I did get smacked a few times.

  • cofty

    One day we will all look back and wonder why we ever thought it was acceptable for adults to hit children.

    There is no need - ever!

  • Londo111
    By hand, switch, and belt. Once hit by a metal rod. Once my father pitched his shoe at me.
  • Defianttruth

    I've tried to post on this for 2 days now. I will type and erase, and type and erase............................

    Tortured is the only thing I can come up with. I don't like the details of it. It makes me sick. I never had a choice to be a JW. I was forced to become one. I was regularly whipped, not beaten. I stress this when I talk to people about it. There is a huge difference between a beating and a whipping. I would take a beating any day of the week. I was tortured by a father who was in good standing by his multinational, multimillion dollar religious organization when I was a kid. I was then forced to become a member only to be tortured again for the rest of my life by being cut off from my family. I remember talking to an elder about it. I had to tread carefully as to not attract the wrath of my father. When I told him about it, he laughed and remarked,"boys can be a tough lot to straighten out".

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