You wear tight pants and you will be in trouble

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  • wannaexit

    I was reading in another forum, that a letter to the elders instructed them to speak to anybody who persists in wearing tight pants. If changes don't happen then the instructions are to disqualify him from being a publisher. Although elders are not to announce it to the congregation.

    I am am curious to see if this letter will surface. Looking to see if Wifibandit will get a hold of this letter.

  • rebelfighter
    Never a JW, I turned 65 this month and I am very proud to say even my kids say I look good in my tight jeans.
  • hoser
    I don't see being disqualified as a publisher as being in trouble.
  • Quarterback
    Tight pants are unhealthy anyways. Why would you want to cut off your circulation down there?
  • Brokeback Watchtower
    Brokeback Watchtower

    Anthony Morris must be trying to keep his passions under control, he doesn't want to see brothers in tight pants while giving talks so he has pressured the rest of the GB to send a letter out around the world that tight pants will not be tolerated. (which is great for get more to leave this cult run by those who belong in the loonie bin).

    Burn't hot dogs!!!

  • wannaexit

    I don't see being disqualified as a publisher as being in trouble.

    @hoser, well if you a dub and your "privilege" to preach is taken away that becomes an issue. Now you are considered weak and bad association. Perhaps I could have used a more descriptive word.

  • zeb

    with my shape you are kiddin'!

  • James Mixon
    James Mixon

    They (GB) are comical, all the issues that face the world today they focus on

    tight pants.

    They remind me of Boot camp, barrack inspection in the military. No matter how

    hard you worked to pass inspection they always found something to bitch about.

  • Pete Zahut
    Pete Zahut

    Now that Prince is gone, they're making up lost time.

    Next thing you know, the brothers won't be able to wear eyeliner. (they're gonna look like hell warmed over, up on the platform come Sunday morning)

  • jwfacts

    Here is the information presented to elders at the last round of CO visits.

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