You wear tight pants and you will be in trouble

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  • ttdtt

    Maybe the should stop creating videos and artwork with Jesus wearing a dress?

    He is sending a gender blurring image to our young people that is dangerous!


  • stuckinarut2

    And Jesus wore a beard.....a very HIPSTER thing to do!

    Isnt that trend a little worldly? Should Jesus be banned from the ministry too if he was around today?

    Oh and, just a thought re beards: if they are so wrong, then why did God make men naturally grow them?

  • compound complex
    compound complex

    What matters, in the picture of Jesus and John, is that the hair on the nape of the neck does not touch the collar of their garments.

    Well, if John were not so scantily clothed . . . Oh, I just realized that Jesus has no collar. How would he appropriate himself the requisite tie?


  • ttdtt
    And Jesus wore a beard.....a very HIPSTER thing to do!
    Oh and, just a thought re beards: if they are so wrong, then why did God make men naturally grow them?

    Dude - you got it so wrong - Beards were made perfect - but Satan Perverted them - so now people wear them to promote themselves as being more important than god.

    Evidently the are used in satanic sex rites as well.

  • millie210

    Im glad to see so many posters picking up on the "no field service" part of that letter.

    This is really a huge change from Headquarters being introduced quietly.

    Once, a sister here who was DFd was going out in service on her own. The service desk was called and the elders here were told there was nothing to that could be done about her going out in service on her own, Since she was still dedicated and baptized, that was her right. But not to work with her or support her in anyway since she was not a member of the congregation while DFd.

    That has been the official position for years.

    This new stand of disallowing field service based on grooming is really opening a can of worms.

    Whats next? Annulling baptism?

    Because by their own "rules" isnt a person required to preach if they are baptized? So if there are provisos on that how does it get determined?

    If it can be taken away, how is it given back? What is the protocol exactly?

    Is it up to elder whims?

    Yep, can of worms has been opened.

  • purrpurr
    Annulling baptism? Yes please! Sign me up!
  • problemaddict 2
    problemaddict 2

    Thanks for the letter guys.

    Wow.....still living in the 50's these guys are. The thing that is really something is how subjective these comments are. "So-called metrosexual style". Can you imagine some 60 year old elder with a God complex trying to figure out what this even means? None of these young guys or girls are walking into the congregation like Boy George. Imagine the minutia they will be arguing over.

    A womans "masculine" style of hair. What does that mean? Flatop? Is it if she has muscles?

    Its so subjective, I just see these guys tripping over themselves offending people, and simply comeing off an unhinged. I think this can only be good.

  • BluesBrother

    I am with Scenic Viewer ....surprised !

    A friend of mine a yr or 2 back was drifting away and he reverted to his youthful hairstyle - a ponytail!

    The elders were shocked, barred him from the K H platform but could not stop him going door to door. It was his Christian dedication......

  • Pistoff

    Old Hippie:

    That was strange. It was always stressed that being a publisher is required, is a right, that as a JW you both have the right to and the obligation to preach.

    Not strange, blatantly hypocritical. I have 2 brothers who have repeated this mantra, that the WT just CAN'T stop brothers who are child molesters from going in service, they CAN'T.

    Well, now we see that when something like tight pants or a gay lisp bothers Anthony Morris, it puts the lie to that old idea.

  • Londo111

    Where in the world is "tight pants" a "problem" in this organization?

    When I was in, I never noticed it. Of course, I didn't spend any time contemplating the pants that men wore.

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