You wear tight pants and you will be in trouble

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  • compound complex
    compound complex

    I mentioned on another thread some time ago that, in the early '70s, Brother Knorr forbade bell bottoms (in your room was all right). My roommate was brazen and wore them to the factory. He got lots of stares.

    Even flares were frowned upon. So much frowning, the face develops a permanent scowl. So sad, so sad . . .


  • ctrwtf

    @stuckinarut2 Jesus with a beard proves he was a lumbersexual

  • Billy the Ex-Bethelite
    Billy the Ex-Bethelite

    "tight-fitting jackets and pants that highlight the body."

    This was clearly written by fat-asses in WT offices like the GB. Every brother should wear clothing that makes them look fat and out-of-shape so the dudes on the JW broadcasts don't look so pathetic. What next? Should all the brothers with full heads of hair start shaving in bald spots to match the GB (except Losch)?

    "Manifesting effeminate traits"? Isn't a man shaving his face something very effeminate and contrary to nature?


    Effeminate men in baggy girlie pantsuits:

  • sparky1


    A picture is worth a thousand words. 

  • GrreatTeacher

    Women wearing masculine hairstyles?

    So now they're picking on the little old ladies sprouting a few chin hairs?

    Because, otherwise, what the hell is a masculine hairstyle?

  • Freeandclear
    Just another rule from the Modern Day Pharisees...
  • millie210

    What is it they are really afraid of?

    It cant be it following trends?

    What exactly is behind this ridiculous?

    If they really believe its "bunker time" why are they worried about this?

  • SAHS

    There is really no rhyme or reason for all these petty, Pharisaical little laws. The governing body just wants their followers to be different for its own sake (i.e., they want people to dress, groom, and act in a certain way just because).

    When I emailed my JW friend a year or so regarding the spandex (“spankx,” or “spanks”) thing in Anthony Morris’ infamous tirade, my friend replied by saying something to the effect that ‘God’s people should stand out as different, just like the Israelites, who were required to wear a blue thread along the bottom fringed edges of their robes’ (or some similar wording). That goes to show how JWs become hard-wired to just accept any and everything coming down the pike from the governing body – just because.

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