Sarah Huckabee Sanders Kicked Out Of Restaurant For Supporting Trump

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  • LongHairGal

    I think Ms. Huckabee handled herself well.

    The problem is that this behavior on the part of Democrats doesn’t make them right or entitled at all...

    No, all it says is that they are angry their candidate did not get into office and they are increasingly resorting to thuglike behavior in their frustration.

  • _Morpheus
    That's it guys, take your guns to the Red Hen and shoot the staff so you can have chicken. Lol No cake gays, no chicken Trump mouthpiece. Done and Done.

    Wow. Hyperbole much?

  • Wasanelder Once
    Wasanelder Once

    Just a little.

  • 2+2=5

    If she was wearing one of those MAGA hats it’s fair enough.

  • sparrowdown

    I heard some ridiculous absurd argument the other day about this incident, how did it go... oh yeah something about you have to shun "people like this" to send a message and a reminder so things wouldn't go back to the days of pre WWII and because Hitler.


    Funny they didn't say that when some baker declined the business to bake a cake.

    Honestly, the selective outrage would be hilarious if not really scary😫

  • SAHS

    No matter what a person’s affiliation – political, religious, or otherwise – no one has the right to deny them as a customer in a public enterprise or establishment. Everyone has basic, intrinsic human rights, without which, . . . . well, might I say: “North Korea.” (Enough said.)

  • minimus

    Sahs, I think laws should be made to address this. Or better yet, if there are laws against harassment, they should be employed!

  • jp1692

    What should be and what is are (and always have been) two completely different things.

    While I don't condone or agree with the hostile, public incivility that some have recently displayed towards Sarah Huckabee Sanders and Kirstjen Nielsen, I have to say: What the hell do they expect?

    Their behavior is completely offensive and egregious to many people.They must know that. They'd have to be stupid not to. But they aren't stupid. Sanders and Nielsen are both intelligent people. They should be able to do the math and expect push-back from those that disagree with them. So what's the problem?

    I don't know. But the response from those that disagree with their public statements and actions are totally predictable. The fact that Sanders, Nielsen and their ilk didn't anticipate these totally foreseeable reactions betrays any number of cognitive faults in their thinking processes, not the least of which is a sense of entitlement that is both wholly undeserved in their cases and completely anti-American.

    Many of the actions of members of the Trump administration are completely tone-deaf, "let them eat cake moments" that are just beyond belief for their gross insensitivity.

    Seriously. Kirstjen Nielsen chooses to go to a Mexican restaurant right after defending a highly controversial policy concerning immigrants at the Mexican border! That's just stupid. Why didn't she go out for Italian or Chinese? Rookie move all the way. Seriously.

    Hello! "What were you thinking, Kirstjen? Oh, I guess you weren't."

    And Melania Trump's decision to wear the "I don't care ..." jacket was also completely tone-deaf and insensitive. So dumb.

    I know she didn't have it on when she was actually at the detainment facilities, but we all know she had it on both before and immediately after. Undoubtedly in a failed attempt at damage control, her "spokesperson" says (because she apparently can't speak for herself) that it wasn't a message, but not too long later her hubby immediately contradicts her by saying it was a message. They can't even get on the same page for chrissakes!

    I'm sure Marie Antoinette is rolling over in her grave right now telling Team-Trump to "dial it back a bit!"

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    And please don't troll me about the Marie Antoinette story being apocryphal. I know. I was there. Just get the point and move on.

  • minimus

    “What the hell Do they expect “? ....if conservatives encouraged harassing anyone that disagreed with them , it would be the end of the world! Just because I think that Hillary Clinton stinks, it doesn’t give me the right to stalk and harass her family or her supporters! If I outlined all the reasons I think she’s a horrible person, would you still think, “what the hell do they expect “? Even a snowflake could figure this one out.

  • jp1692
    Minimus: If conservatives encouraged harassing anyone that disagreed with them . . .

    And plenty of them have.

    I didn’t pick a side in my comments. But you sure did in yours.

    I merely recounted the inevitable laws of cause and effect. Thankfully the laws of physics are non-partisan!

    Did you notice that you didn’t engage a single one of my arguments? Not one.

    Instead you chose to flip the script and go after Hillary. Had you understood my post you would know that I think harassing her—or anyone else for that matter—is just as wrong. But you didn’t. Why not?

    You’ve apparently lost your ability to think. Maybe you never had it. Many ex-cult members never developed the ability to think clearly and for themselves.

    And your juvenile name-calling is childish and ridiculous. But I understand, you’re just imitating your Lord.

    I’m very disturbed by the fairly large number of people on this forum that have left the JW cult just to join another.

    I guess it’s true: ”You can take the person out of the cult, but you can’t take the cult out of the person.”

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