Are you ever surprised at who is attracted to whom here?

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  • Big Tex
    Big Tex

    Howdy GH! I'm glad you posted what you did. I think you're right about your mother unfortunately. Gee if my office was like your I would be in big trouble!

    I would like to say to those who delete what they've written or don't post because someone said something similar, STOP! We all bring a different perspective,and our own unique experience to the table. It is great to read others' thoughts and feelings. Don't let that little voice inside censor you. It's there to keep you quiet. You never know who is reading, and how you post or what you say might impact someone who is reading and still deciding.

  • Maverick

    There are a lot of folks here who's opinions I value. Too many to list but Farkel, and Francois, RF and Brimmie always get my attention. As for the ladies, I can't tell you what a pleasure it is to hear you give me a rash-0-shit when I get you riled up! My daughter is a strong-willed, intellegent woman and I feel very comfortable with that type of women. Blondie, Ravyn, Teenyuck, Prisca, and Stinky always have good points to make, even when I don't agree. For me the beauty of this place is your totally divergent ideas and opinions give me things to think about and put me at a place mentally the duds would never go. For so long I thought I had it all figured out, (in dudland), so at first it was hard to except that it was all BS and I had nothing figured out at all...very insecure. But now I am OK with not having all the answers, life is an adventure, and y-all are great company! Maverick

  • Ghosthunter

    Howdy to you, Big Tex! What's worse about the whole thing at work is that I work for the HUMAN RESOURCES department (please don't hate me) and we are involved in this whole "internet police" thing! H.R. is the perfect job for me as I'm nosy by nature. We get to find out the good stuff FIRST!

    It all started when some idiots started surfing and downloading porn at work. I don't have a problem with people doing stuff like that in the privacy of their homes, but AT WORK????? Give me a break! So, they decided to not only ban porn, but gambling sites, religious sites and internet shopping sites. The porn and religious sites were banned to keep co-workers from getting offended and filing a law suit, the gambling and shopping sites to keep people from goofing off instead of doing their jobs. LIke I said, having buddies in the IS department is a GOOD thing!


  • Mecurious?

    Boy what a great post! It was actually Nina, Big Tex, and Jes that first extended open arms to me, when I first came to this forum about six months ago. Who could dislike them?

    And people naturally gravitate towards certain personalities. A few of my other favorites are: Ldh, Aztec, Robdar, Stinky, Nickey, Teejay, Drwtsn32 and Realist!

    There are a few others but these are the ones that first came to mind.


  • Lady Lee
    Lady Lee

    I have learned to appreciate so many different perspectives on the board.

    Some people I feel very close to

    Others I have never chatted or posted to but still feel attracted to on an intellectual level.

    Some my heart breaks for.

    But I learn from everyone.

    The new ones bring a rawness and a need and a desire to heal. Very oftne they bring the latest info on how things are going in the congregations compared to when I left almost 20 years ago. it sounds like things are much worse than the org I grew up in.

    The ones who have never been JWs bring a perspective that those of us who grew up in the org never got to see - and we need that sometimes.

    I would think just about every subject has been discussed on this board at least once. The board would come to a halt if we only rehashed yesterday's topics. Sometimes it is good to go back and find the old info. Sometimes we need a new perspective on it and new minds and thoughts and ideas can all be added to the bulk of info that is on this board

    I'm not much of a debater. The theology topics don't usually grab my attention. I don't usually peek in on the fluff threads but I think they are crucial to the board.

    All that said there are some folks I will always read and yes some I will almost always ignore (very few though)

    Anger will usually make me disappear because I choose not to fight with people although if I can work it out with the person I will try. And yes sometimes I am reading and thread and think of a great response only to find someone else has already said it lol

    This is a huge board. There are no stupid questions (and just ignore the people who think there are)

    We come from a place where questioning was not allowed. Where to question meant there was something wrong with US. Please don't bring that feeling with you. Ask your questions. If there is an exhaustive post on the topic I'm sure someone will post the link. But we have so many new ones posting here. Getting your input can be refreshing and informative. And sometimes going over something again (not the way the WT does) but to gain fresh insight can provide us with a whole new perspective because we have grown and can now see something that previously we couldn't

    So welcome to the newbies and lurkers, You are invaluable

    Just ignore the little guy who like to rip people's heads off

  • berylblue


    I didn't mean this to be a popularity contest. Some always get left out.

    That said, I think the final straw for me with NG was when she went after onacruse. Sometimes, we are not even aware of those to whom we feel close until we perceive them as being "attacked".


  • Hamas

    Aww Beryl i'm honoured, really

    and Marsal, and Aztec... that is so nice of you to say that.

    This is a good question... thinking about it i'm attracted more to the people that like me than I am to other people. When people say that they like me, I love them even more. Like Beryl says Nina and Big bad Tex are great people, you can just tell ; although I have heard stories of loud banging coming from their basement... interesting ... only kidding.

    But I think people show their true colours in the end. Each post is part of a persons jigsaw, fit them all together and it makes the person. I think that Beryl is a really nice person ; so much love and kindness, like a nice Catholic girl.... but that is why I would love to get her in trouble

    In fact, I love you all, man. Even you Yeru. In fact, especially you Yeru .... l o l ...

    If you love me, I love you. If you don't, and you cross me, then screw you man ! I shall never forget

  • SadElder

    It is interesting to see the realm of diverse posts, some I find informative, some boring, some stupid, and so on. IF we all thought exactly the same, what a boring life. I must admit thatI'm amazed to see that folks have made thousands of posts, I don't often have time to make posts and when I do I'm not in the mood for long philosophical discussions and tend to post on the lighter side of things.

  • berylblue
    thinking about it i'm attracted more to the people that like me than I am to other people.

    That's very "normal", although aren't there just some persons we want to win over (for whatever reason), and try though we may, we never will?

  • Hamas

    I don't want to win over anybody.

    Like I said, if they don't like me, screw them, man.

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