Are you ever surprised at who is attracted to whom here?

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  • shotgun

    OMG that sounds like an invisible presence..IE..parousia..

    Sometimes you learn more from listening...I agree Omie.....I like the interaction too though.

  • Brummie

    Omi, that was a real interesting post, you should post more. Its interesting to know that there are lurkers who perhaps know all the characters here yet never dive in. I hav elurked in the past but I never really got to know who's who.

    OMG that sounds like an invisible presence..IE..parousia..

    LOL, what would an exjw board be if it didnt have an invisible presence? It fits the scenario.


  • marsal


    I am one of those people that rarely post, but I come here and read frequently. Why?

    Well, even in my "real" life, I am a sort of quiet person who finds it hard to jump into a group conversation. For some reason, I'm even a little intimated about posting.

    I come here because I am DF'd (have been for quite a while) and I have never personally met a fellow exJW. No one but a fellow exJW can possibly understand the way if feels to have former friends shun you and all of the other garbage that goes with being DF'd.

    I read the posts here and I cry, laugh, and get angry right along with the poster. Reading the posts from all of you wonderful (mostly) people from all backgrounds has helped me heal and given me strength at times.

    So, without any of you knowing it, most of you have a special place in my heart.


    P.S. I agree with you about Hamas!

  • refiners fire
    refiners fire

    "Stinky and TJ. Stinky and Smack. Stinky and....stinky and....."

    Stinky. I see you are a very popular girl. Obviously you just want to add me onto your harem of men whom you daly with as and when you see fit.


  • Panda

    I think that initially almost everyone who posts has the feeling they have found a place to be accepted and understood for all of their past JW lives. Its like concentration camp survivors who do best speaking to one another. Or surviovors of torture or mental illness. Like people who get kemo and get sick...who really understands how they feel?

    So we post ... because we know that we'll be understood AND we hope to find kindred spirits ... and we do {{{ Hugs}}}, Panda

  • breal

    Teejay - No worries! I understand where you are coming from cuz you have been here for a long while and it can seem very boring if reading topics from days gone by.

    Ravyn - Thanx!!

  • Prisca

    You don't have to be a lurker to notice things and remember information about posters. I've been here longer than the majority of posters here, and I tend to notice people's growth whilst on the board. I seem to have a memory for details, so it helps in getting to know a poster and their history.

  • Aztec

    LOL...I think everyone is attracted to StinkyPants. I know I am. :-D The fact that Logansrun and I get along so well (most of the time) amazes me. He and I are so very differant but, I adore the guy. Whenever I feel blue I call him. I don't really know why he puts up with me. I understand why I get along with Pleasuredome, Brummie and Rayzorblade: they are alot like me. Why do I get along so well with smarties like AlanF, Onacruse and Expatbrit? I have no idea! I, too, find myself extremely attracted to people like Hamas, Megadude, Mercurious, Yerusalyim, Jayson, Drwtsn, Shamus, and even Teejay. I don't really have an explaination...Maybe I just like people with strong opinions. :-p


  • Aztec

    Oops! Forgot to mention my love of Mini...he's so adorable!


  • Elsewhere
    I am attracted to rugged, hairy guys whose ears stick out. Go figure.

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