Are you ever surprised at who is attracted to whom here?

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  • minimus

    kgfree----Don't EVER feel that way!!! What you say is as important as what anyone else says.

  • jgnat

    Ditto what Minimus just said. kgfree, I am also a never-JW. Some topics I just can't comment on intelligently. I don't know any Kingdom melodies. Except for a couple of blips in the last year, I feel that I belong here.

    A gentle reminder for the XJW folks, there are a significant number of posters who were not born in to it, would never fall for it, yet have loved ones that are snared by it. The WTBTS affects our lives also, even if it is obliquely.

    Isn't he just adorable?

  • minimus

    jgnat, you're such an old pro that I always figured you were at one time "one of us"....kgfree, keep those posts coming!

  • jgnat

    Hey, I am an "old pro" at abuse and manipulation, just not the WT kind. One of the reasons I am immune to their charms.

  • StinkyPantz


    You are really askin' for an ass whoopin !! OMG!!

  • teejay

    >>>> ...but I have read a few posts where the long time board members get upset that a newbie posts a topic of interest to them and someone else feels they should have just checked old posts to see if already covered...which is not fair since other newbies may have something to add & it seems harmless to restart something and see where it goes.


    I am guilty of this, I admit, and you have a very good point. If it was me that seemed to want to squash new perspectives on a subject that was debated two years ago, then I am very sorry. That was not my intent.

    For me, I often link to old posts of mine so that I'm not repetitive. I don't want to clutter up the board with the same old opinion, which it is most of the time anyway. Then too, newbies might want to see what others have said on the subject, oftentimes people who no longer post here.

    Like Minimus said, you and Jgnat and Kgfree and everyone else have things to add to the board whether you were JWs or not. Most of the meaningful topics deal with everyday life anyway, so everyone has something to add to those. Again, apologies if I offended.


    I lurked for awhile before posting.

    I was on my way outta the borg, just tooooo scared to jump into the posting. It was all tooooo DemonizedTM...LOL!!!

    In hindsight I wish I had posted ALLLLL the while I was on my way out now...I figure I would have got some good support and suggestions on how to "disappear" from dub-land without being df'd and losing my two darling kids....Ouch!!


  • shotgun

    Damn it..why does Logan get to bite Ravyn and for 75% of the time even.

    berylblue...I can tell by your posts you are a loving person.

    As I am quite new to the forum I have started to research back through the threads to see what I have missed. For the most part I see caring human beings...some days its a harsh word by a poster and other days its words of encouragement from that same poster.

    Thats what life seems to and downs no way around them. I try my best to put a little levity into threads even when I'm debating with scholar....

    I've read a few threads where if words were bullets than duck and run for cover was the only advice, then the threads softened as ones either apoligized or restated themselves to clear up a misunderstanding. The great thing about it all is that you can be honest, try to imagine being honest with your comments when you were an active dub..........I can't.

    Instead of all these local apostafests lets have an international celebration of freedom, freedom to think and speak about whatever and to whomever we please.

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  • omiecoop

    I am one of the lurkers. At least most of the time. I just don't always have something to say. I don't care to debate, because I am one of those "people pleasers". The board, to me, is kind of like a favorite tv show. I don't say that to trivialize the lives of the real people on this board, it's just that I kind of stand at the sidelines and watch the festivities. I come here regularly, at least once a day, and see what all my favorite characters are up to. I often get to the point of ALMOST posting, but I will see a new post from someone who said EXACTLY what I was going to say, or I type 3 or 4 paragraphs, read over it, decide it is STOOPID and delete it before I ever submit it.

    I do all this because I see people trampled on and ignored every day. Not out of a mean spirit, but just being overlooked. I also see people being cared for and helped as well. I hate being ignored, or being made to feel as if I don't belong somewhere, so I don't take the chance of being the one who is ignored. So my sensitive self just sits and reads (and learns).

    I truly enjoy my board experience as a whole. It's like I don't really need to post. I can be a full fledged member, and feel like part of the group without saying a word. I laugh with you guys, and cry with you when you hurt. Even if I never post again, always know that I am out here and whether you are aware of my presence or not, I am always a part of this board!!!!!!

    Omie (a pseudonym)

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