It's been a long 9 years Lloyd Evans / John Cedars

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  • Yooters

    Tell Lloyd to quit reading YT comments. You can only delete them for so long…

  • fastJehu

    TeamYoutube post from Lloyd:

    Lloyd Evans acts exactly the same as the JW organization.

    They go all the way to the highest court and demand that the human rights to free exercise of religion be granted to JWs as well.

    In the cult itself, however, they do not care about human rights at all and deny members their free choice of religion - by shunning their former members.

    The organization want free speech about other religions - but don't want - that former members speak free about the JWs.

    Same is Lloyd Evans.

  • Vintage

    So, will Evans look for a different group of environmental activists to film?

  • TonusOH
    Yooters: Tell Lloyd to quit reading YT comments.

    He won't stop, he cannot help himself. He wants the last word, at any cost.

    Even YouTube --which tries its hardest to coddle content creators and protect them from harassment of even the mildest sort-- will probably realize that he's impossible to satisfy and ignore him.

  • Thisismein1972

    The gift that keeps on giving.

    For one, Does he actually think he is big enough for Team YouTube to listen to him? They won't even see his comment.

    He is all for free speech but blocks and censors anyone who even has the slightest criticism.

    He uses mental health as an excuse when he has been on the record bullying CSA victims.

    Lloyd, we know you will be stalking this thread, you are a sad sad person and you give northerners a really bad name. Now toddle off to Tony Cain and cry on his shoulder. Your lies are catching up with you, and nothing you can do can change that. Poor you losing out at a climate activist meeting and subsequently trying to get YouTube to stop the torrent of bad press regarding your actions, and only your actions.

  • Vintage

    On page 535, Bangalore gave us this screenshot of something Lloyd Evans wrote on @ cedarsjwsurvey:

    “I’ve just written the pieces to camera for my next documentary, which we start filming tomorrow. Now I have something on paper I’m even more excited about the project! Can’t wait!”

    So, 1.) Is everything Evans writes going to include “jw” or “607” etc. somewhere in its address, even if what he’s writing about has nothing to do with “jws”?

    And, 2.) “Better is the latter end of a thing than its beginning, Better is the patient of spirit, than the haughty of spirit.” Eccl. 7:8. Evans got no video of the environmental activists. That was probably better for the activists. They had their plan, and Evans wasn’t part of it.

  • NonCoinCollector

    This appears to be from June 2020, but Lloyd was singing a different tune back then. Amazing how he is entitled to give criticism, but can't take it. Remember Lloyd in your confession video that you invited us to judge you. We did and we are.

  • Vintage

    NCC, how do you FIND these things?

  • NonCoinCollector


    Lately everything I have posted is from Twitter. Lloyd Evans Parody posted the screen shot from June 2020. I feel all of the really good ones need to be part of the discussion on here. In the unlikely event some of this is ever needed in court, this would be a handy place to find what has been said. Also sometimes it is just a dig at Lloyd because I know he can't help but read what we're saying. As much as he complains about his mental heath, one would think he would let it go by now. Of course we rightly suspect his bringing up mental health is mostly a red herring used to garner sympathy from his donors.

  • Vintage

    So,... if he has any friends, they might consider doing an intervention where they try to stop him from reading our thread. I can only imagine the resistance Evans would put up against such an attempt. The “interventioning friends” would wish they’d worn protective gear. He might even open a new lawsuit just for them. Mental health issues... now he has them,... now he doesn’t have them,... now he has them again... and so forth.

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