It's been a long 9 years Lloyd Evans / John Cedars

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  • pr0ner


    I'm not comparing their success at all but they are a bit similar. Linus was one of the first voices in the custom PC community on YouTube. From there it grew really bit. It did help he is more entertaining than Lloyd but they both reaped the benefits of having the perception they were first for many in their communities. Linus has a MASSIVE following. With way more to lose of course. But now Linus is getting dragged super hard for his response to all this and mysteriously it shares the same "ex-jw" mindset we supposedly all have.

  • ozziepost
    it shares the same "ex-jw" mindset we supposedly all have.

    Now I am so much older, I have seen at first hand how easy it is to fall back into the legalistic mindset of the dubs.

    Will we ever be completely free of the jw mindset ?

    Oh, I do hope so, I want to.

    The reality is, that we exited a cult and it ain’t easy.

  • pr0ner


    The "JW mindset" only exists if you're in the cult. I've made this point a few times but when you can gossip freely even if you gossip nonstop you don't have the "JW mindset". When you can judge freely no matter how judgy you are you don't have the "JW mindset". All these negatives people try to attach to a " JW mindset" is just how people in the real world act. It's just how people are.

    The difference is, in the real world you're free to do the negatives as much as you want openly and others get to freely decide if they want to associate with you. As a JW no one is given that free choice and that leads to gossip/backbiting in secret creating loads of problems.

    In fact, gossip and judging on matters WT says isn't allowed is exactly what the WT says is bad about the world. If anything a "JW mindset" is avoiding those things at all cost.

    I know plenty of worldly people who are just as legalistic-minded as the worst JW and had no interaction with the cult.

  • Las Malvinas son Argentinas
    Las Malvinas son Argentinas

    Do we know for a fact that he does pay people for interviews?

    Exjw’s definitely not. As for professional interviews….I don’t know

    This exchange on Twitter is interesting. It would seem that he considers Mark O'Donnell a professional interview subject. He's acting like this is the days of the Pony Express and Mark would need to show up at the Croatian main office to pick up a cheque. If only Mark had offered his PayPal info (most urgent) or if Lloyd Evans discovered the wonderful world of Venmo or whatever the equivalent is over there.

    FYI - He didn't answer the question about Kim. Kit Kat did with a silly emoji.

    He didn't answer the question about Kim.

    The same offer was not made to me, and I would not have accepted it either if it had been offered.

  • Thisismein1972

    Given that Kim is in the process of getting the court papers, Lloyd would do well not to say anything for or against Kim as this can be used as evidence should the papers be used against him in the future.

    And by the way, KitKat is so stupid that she does not realize she will be thrown under the bus to protect any reputation Lloyd can muster for himself.

  • Journeyman
    All these negatives people try to attach to a " JW mindset" is just how people in the real world act. It's just how people are.

    I completely agree. Gossiping and being judgemental are far from exclusively a "JW mindset". Just look at all the rumours, slander, arguments and cliques or secular 'cults' on social media, and think about the examples of people being 'cancelled' and the like - they are all about people judging others and often 'disfellowshipping' them from their social or professional circles.

    I think exJWs tend to use the phrase "JW mindset" in this context just to dismiss criticism (sometimes legitimate, sometimes not) of their own words or actions. Someone like Lloyd especially uses it in this way.

    To me, a real "JW mindset" is more about things like separation from the world, irrational fear of socialising, secular education and of getting to know people outside their organisation, that sort of thing. Those are attitudes that you rarely find outside the JWs (and other high-control religious groups).

  • Las Malvinas son Argentinas
    Las Malvinas son Argentinas
    I think exJWs tend to use the phrase "JW mindset" in this context just to dismiss criticism (sometimes legitimate, sometimes not) of their own words or actions. Someone like Lloyd especially uses it in this way.

    It should come as no surprise to you that Lloyd likes to use manipulative language - all designed to lead everyone to his desired conclusion.

    Telling a former JW that they are acting like a JW is our own Godwin’s Law. It is so over-used and seldom true. We know Lloyd was using it the moment he got off the JW bus because it was on this forum where it happened. A common refrain from him at the time was “interesting logic there. The last time I heard something like that was when I was sitting in the KINGDOM HALL” or the lame quip of “you’d make a good elder”.

    A “JW mindset” seems to have become his code word for anything a former JW disagrees with him about, in particular this scandal. Inside the organisation we were always told about “Christendom” in a similar fashion. It began to lose its meaning over time due to overuse and application to everything anti-WT. But JWs were alerted by the very mention of it - similar to when someone talked about Satan, demons or something being “demonised”. Christendom! Demons! Not interested la-la-la-la!!

    Lloyd Evans weaponises words which is designed to make the listener discount the source of the information immediately. It’s why he calls people “criminal defendants” and the people agreeing with them. I’m old enough to remember him warning everyone that just because they have not gotten a legal threat letter or have been named in the lawsuit, it doesn’t mean they are immune from future litigation!

    Did you hear that, JWN!? YOU can and will be sued too! My legal team is on the case! Your anonymous handles will not protect you from the long arm of Croatian law! Hey, why has this thread passed 1000 pages?

    We’re criminals after all, and liars too. That he put all his eggs into that basket so publicly is why we’re all waiting for that can of worms to burst open and cover his face in humiliation like the “money shot” in his favourite porno flick.

    Being gossipy and judgmental about someone is not confined to JWs and WT. I’ve sat through many a local needs talk about gossip. They actually discourage it, yet most JWs actively engage in it. Why? Some of you already answered it - it’s human nature. Why are we always hearing about Harry and Meghan? They are irrelevant both to the monarchy and in real life. How about the sex lives of celebrities? Lloyd’s not immune to gossiping either. He often comments on whatever is in the news that has nothing to do with him or his business.

    So if we really want to delve deep into the fabled “JW Mindset”, you can for example take Lloyd’s tactics and make a simple comparison with actual WT practices and doctrines. He tells people not to gossip, except for when he’s doing it. Yet so does the WT for essentially the same reasons. WT wants to control what you think and talk about so that it doesn’t trend in a negative direction against them. So does Lloyd. WT also doesn’t want you judging people, even the disfellowshipped. They do the judging here and if someone is DFed that’s it, stop talking about it and do as you are told. Likewise with the “criminal defendants”. They’re liars! That’s why they are being criminally sued! The Croatian justice system will deal with them shortly (Lloyd - May 2022). Justice is taking its good time so I’m instructing my lawyers to give this case a good push (Lloyd - Sept 2022). The Croatian legal system is glacially slow and it may take years to get justice (Lloyd - April 2023). Just because the case was dismissed doesn’t mean the criminal defendants weren’t guilty (Lloyd - Soon).

  • DerekMoors

    I'm just waiting to see his nonsensical ramblings in those papers we'll get once the courts allow that attorney to download everything. I can only imagine the shitshow that will be. I say once we get them, we have a contest to see who can come up with the best memes. Or a video with someone reading them while people laugh in the background. Something.

  • Thisismein1972

    You know I have just realized something. Lloyd has actually become a meme in himself. We all hear about the blue/green-haired "activists" that are out to cancel anyone who disagrees with their politics. Lloyd now has blond hair, something that the LGBTQ+=- will love, he is now one of the LGBTW+=-. Just like he was one of Jehovah's Witnesses.

    When we talk about a JW mindset, they also have this mindset, so Lloyd will feel extremely comfortable and at home with these people.

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