What "Rules" Did The Elders In Your KH Make?

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  • Phoebe

    No white socks. We actually had a talk about not wearing white socks.

    No satellite TV.

    No video machines - because you'll obvious be watching 'video nasties'

    No sandals on sisters in field service.

    White shirts only if you are on the platform.

    In the 60s no mini skirts - obviously. Believe it or not we actually had an item on the platform at the assembly in which a sister came on the platform and gave a sewing lesson in how to lengthen our skirts!

  • LoveUniHateExams

    No loud ties on the platform.*

    White shirts only for brothers on the platform.

    No trendy facial hair, goatees, beards, etc., if one was reaching out to become a ministerial servant. A brother was counselled for having a goatee and he wasn't even reaching out!

    No sideburns lower than the earlobe.

    No holding hands by married couples or dating couples during the song/prayer.

    I remember, one time, a sister of 30 was counselled because she came to the Sunday meeting wearing a white dress and black thong underwear. She was counselled for this. She had a great body for it, and I was 17 at the time - so I thought it was fantastic!

    * - the no loud ties is the only petty rule that I actually agree with. Even in the office, if someone would wear a Homer Simpson tie or whatever I'd imagine it would be annoying.

  • stillin

    I was at a KH to give the public talk one Sunday. A brother I knew came over to me and asked where the battery pack was that went with my tie. I laughed and looked around and realized that I had the loudest tie in the room. When I got to the podium I looked out across all of the grey hair and decided to ditch any light humor I might have included in the talk. Strictly business. You never saw such a collection of serious faces!

  • tiki

    No gum chewing in the kingdom hall

    One co wife insistent that hosiery always be worn....no bare legs out in service even in 90 degree humid heat...

    No pink shirts.....

    No knees be seen under any circumstances....

    Families have to sit together at hall or assemblies...kids can't go sit with their friends...

    No toys in hall for babies toddlers....nor crayons coloring books...nothing to keep them happily occupied and quiet....Wed rather have them fussing and then hear the screams from the spankings...

  • Diogenesister
    minimus13 hours ago13 hours ago
    I had a circuit assembly part and I had my daughter's best friend in the demonstration and she had the longest skirt you could ever picture with a small slit on the side not quite going to the knee and they went ballistic

    Doh! These idiots....the reason long (or maxi) skirts are designed with a slit in the side is that unless you take "dolly" steps you cannot walk without it!

  • Diogenesister
    John Davis and Level the playing field12 hours ago12 hours ago
    Actually, Level the playing field, the issue over copyright is not a CO pet peeve thing. That came from the Branch, there have been reminders that copyrighted material cannot be used without the permission of the copyright owner even if the owner is the Organization. the use of the lyrics, the logo or other items cannot be used without the express permission of the branch or the corporation that owns the copyright.

    THIS is the problem with wtbts/JWs in General....they are *so* used to being micromanaged that they don't know where to draw the line, where "reasonable" is in the decision making process. i.e. when giving directions not to use the copyrighted work of others in talks or demonstrations that wouldn't include using the copyrighted lyrics of a Watchtower song in a Watchtower hall of worship ( ha! See what I did there...a hall where they worship Watchtower!That's about right!)

  • nowwhat?

    The one that bothers me the most is brother Hitler coming down on the kids for playing softball.

  • Doctor Who
    Doctor Who

    No bow tie if giving a public talk. Yep, I was told that. After giving my 3rd public talk I was pulled to the back room by 2 Eldumbs in my congregation and was told it was a distraction, and they believe an unwanted call of attention to myself. The funniest thing, aprx. 4 or 5 months later, our CO came to the servant meeting wearing a bow tie. Me, being the trouble starter that I am, asked right in front of the body why is he wearing a bow tie, it's a distraction and an unwanted call of attention!?!?!?! The CO looked me right in the eyes and said if I was ever told that, then they went beyond "what is written" and should ignore it!!

  • jookbeard

    we had one of the biggest dickhead of a PO you could ever hope to meet, special pioneered straight from school, a CO in his early 20's, a born in, never any experience of life in the real world, you name it he had a rule for it, hated all forms of sport,socialising, a SN talk was given after a group went to see Dirty Dancing, the usual white shirt for visiting speakers but not only that they had to be up to a certain speaking standard otherwise they were not invited back, IIRC we had two SN talks to rectify the issues that the public talks of the proceeding weeks visiting speakers, loved compiling the evidence against me for my JC absolutely loved it and couldn't assassinate my character quick enough in the JC

  • Still Totally ADD
    Still Totally ADD

    No vase of flowers in the kingdom Hall. Kingdom halls are not made for flowers just dumb ass rules. Still Totally ADD

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