What "Rules" Did The Elders In Your KH Make?

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  • ShirleyW

    Just reading all the silliness makes me shake my head, just think of the millions that actually followed those BS rules. I know a sister who grew up in Cong in Baltimore and she said at wedding receptions they weren't allowed to play records, can somebody please tell me which biblical scripture that comes from?

  • nowwhat?

    Limited the number of my friends wedding party to 2 men and 2 women. Any more would be considered "extravagant"

  • Cold Steel
    Cold Steel
    ...for a very brief time walk mans were frowned upon because you could secretly listen to heavy metal music.

    I listen to books on audio and lectures all the time. Would they have made an exception for a middle-aged white guy?

    Well the CO had said something about get togethers so the elder brought my husband in and had us cancel it.

    Yes, one of you may have inadvertently said something concerning doctrine, and they couldn't have that. You say something scriptural, then you do something stupid like interpreting that and the next thing you know you're teaching in the churches! Things can get quickly out of hand. That's why there will need to be elders in Paradise Earth. You sisters might start a whole wave of apostasy and get everyone kicked out of Paradise again! Don't deny it. You make a few obvious observations, people start wearing beards and then everyone gets kicked out of the pool and back into the dreary world wearing skins.

    Brothers who do not get a minimum of 7 hours on their reports will "NOT hold microphone duties". 10 hours for the sound cabinet.

    And this is supposed to be a punishment?? How so?

    The CO said we could not go and see Beauty and the Beast. That is about beastiality!

    O, c'mon. She wasn't that ugly!

  • freddo

    And this is supposed to be a punishment?? How so?

    If you go to meetings it is mind-numbingly boring if you aren't a ceiling touching "answer every other paragraph" nutter.

    So doing the mics means you stay awake, get a little exercise, catch the eye of likeminded bored people and catch a glimpse of the attractive sisters' shaplier parts.

  • Bungi Bill
    Bungi Bill

    "Brothers" required to wear a jacket (either a sports coat or full suit coat) at all times while engaging in field service - regardless of the weather conditions. Never mind that in this particular "territory", anybody strutting around wearing a jacket in 30 degree-plus temperatures (Celsius) is regarded as stark raving mad!

  • lancelink

    In our hall, there was a lady who was bi polar and had trouble going to meetings regularly.

    one summer, she planned to do a small, backyard bible drama with a handful of the kids from the hall. It was a lot of work for her, but several mothers helped out.

    Doing this really helped this sister to feel good about herself, and the play was wonderful !

    then she had a small get together in her yard afterwards with families and everyone felt good.

    But an elder by the name of Renfrow ? Came down on her and that was the last time she did anything nice for the kids.

    The kids from the hall would also get together once a week on Friday afternoon's to play softball at a nearby park. There were several adult males that actually took time off work to help the kids play fairly.

    One week Renfrow attended, complaining that this time would be better spent going door to door. Two weeks later a local needs part pretty well put the hammer down on our games. And guess what ???? Suddenly where was a new service arrangement that was organized for Friday afternoons.

    All of the kids were so crestfallen, I felt so bad for them.

  • pale.emperor

    The ones i remember:

    Crash Dummies were toys in the 90s that had a collapsible car and little dummy men then you could take apart. They were banned because an elders wife thought they were glorifying car crash victims. Which meant that the ONLY "surprise day" present i ever got was thrown in the rubbish bin only 2 weeks after receiving it.

    No beards on the platform.

    You MUST wear a blazer when doing microphone duty or on the platform. No matter how hot it got. One time a CO gave us "permission" to take our blazers off. (oh thank you kind leader). I wonder if Jesus would even have been bothered?

    No one is allowed to borrow books from the KH library unless you get permission from Brother Duke. Brother Duke has been dead for 12 years but rules are rules. We cant just change the rules. (I swear this is true! I ended up just stealing books one at a time).

    Women must wear skirts that go past the knee.

    No sandals on women.

    NEW CO: Sandals are now allowed.

    ANOTHER NEW CO: Sandals are a personal choice. (Again, i wonder what Jesus would have said. He wore them all the time).

  • dbq407

    We were counseled for hanging out with another witness couple too often, even though everyone was in good standing and for going to a bar (they didn't call it a bar though, they referred to it as a place with a "long thing") Ha, such morons.

  • ShirleyW
    (they didn't call it a bar though, they referred to it as a place with a "long thing")

    Well, that can take on different meanings, what the heck is the "long thing"

  • Doubtfully Yours
    Doubtfully Yours

    No crazy/loud color suits/ties/shirts on the platform!



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