Newbie Introduction-or-How to De-Program Yourself in 6,456,129 Easy Steps

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  • HadEnuf

    Welcome Brandon & Stephanie!!

    It's gonna be a long, hard road out...but it's worth every painful step! I am shunned by my family for just trying to walk away and you know what? I don't really miss them that much! I know that sounds callous (spelling?), but true. It's really hard to feel affection for those who turn their backs on you. It hurts a lot at first...but I knew, along with my husband, that we were making the right decision. By not wavering in our course of leaving the JW's for once and for all...I am hoping that someday THEY will come to THEIR senses and get a little curious why we are standing firm for OUR beliefs. It is wonderful having a conscience that is at peace!

    Keep your chins up! There are a lot of great people on this board with great advice and many shoulders to cry on!

    Welcome again...HadEnuf aka Cathy Laszewski

  • Robotnomore

    Welcome Brandon & Stephanie,

    We are newbies too. We have been out about 9 months. It gets eaiser with each passing day. Hang in there. It's worth it. Robotnomore


    Only 6,456,129 Easy say?

    How many years of therapy is that equivalent to???

    Welcome to the forum Brandon & Stephanie!!! ....Love your sense of humor!!


  • seven006

    Brandon and Stephanie,

    Welcome yadda, yadda, yadda, bla, bla, bla. Lets get down to business. I'm not sure if the person who sent you to this DB told you are not, (I'm guessing it was Onacruse he's in charge of recruiting now) but, I am the one you pay your board dues to. I take Master card, Visa, or American Express. I also take cash but it has to be American. I don't take any of that eurodollar Monopoly Money or any Canadian loonies or toonies.

    You have a member ship fee of $1,000 a year and that is non refundable. Your dues are based on how many threads you start $100 per thread and how many you post on, $50 per post. Be careful not to go crazy, right now Minamus owes a little short of a million dollars.

    Entering chat costs $10.00 unless it's a sex talk night, then it goes up to $100. per hour. If Xina is in chat that night it shoots up to $1000.00 per hour.

    I know these fees may sound a little high but if you look at the money you will be saving on professional therapy, it's wroth it.

    Contact me any time to get started and I will ship you out your membership card and tee shirt.

    I also do home lobotomies and apostofest counseling.

    For references on my home lobotomy work you can e-mail;

    Alan F. (if you call, talk loudly)

    For full lobotomy references you can call;

    JCannon, (Being able to speak Klingon is a must here)
    You Know
    Fred Hall

    Thank you for joining

    VP of collections

  • willyloman

    Seven: How much if you just send me the do-it-yourself-lobotomy kit?

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