Feeling Sad After Uncovering TTATT

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    It feels like someone has died. I feel sad.

    Mother Watchtower is Dead to a lot of People..

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  • kairos

    I experienced daily nausea for nearly two years. Lost 85 pounds, too.

    It gets better.
    I'm in better shape, as a positive side effect.

  • Doubtfully Yours
    Doubtfully Yours

    In wanting to keep family/friends, I'm one of many that only remain for the time being physically present but nothing they can possibly say reaches us mentally/emotionally; the 'Teflon' class.

    TTATT is the best that's happened to so many inside the Org. The WTBTS has become a buffet style religion for some and nothing more than a social contact for others. Long live the WWW!


  • talesin

    Yes, be happy!

    "It's always best to start at the beginning – and all you do is follow the Yellow Brick Road.."


  • Aprostate Exam
    Aprostate Exam
    You have the correct, permissible grieving feelings. I have gone through all the stages of grieving and can admit that I still feel angry at the conniving men that started this whole mess. My mother is still tangled up in this crap and she drags my father into it under threats against his disbelief. My poor father has lived threatened all his life and has no choice but to bow down to ignorant men. We are with you friend, keep researching.
  • Dreamerdude

    Pale.emperor, your OP really struck a chord with me.

    I recently started to wake up to TTTATT also. It happened mainly through WT sources, then seeing the list in Steve Hassan's book, of characteristics of mind-controlling cults.

    The grief was sharp and deep when I realized I had believed lies. I cried inconsolably for an entire night. It was exactly the same as earlier times, when my mother died, then when my father died. On all three occasions, I felt much better the next day. My way of releasing the pain was to cry like a baby, even though I am a grown man. The pain came out as tears and sweat.

    After that, my depression gradually lifted, with the help of some kind people here. It is hard for awhile, but I can assure you that things get better. I am work in process, but I feel good being mentally free.

  • TerryWalstrom

    See: https://www.jehovahs-witness.com/topic/427480001/waking-up-dub-effective-communication

    To be as succinct as humanly possible, your World View has ruptured and you are now an orphan with only your native intelligence to rely on, and even that has been compromised by indoctrination and disinformation.

    You are like a baby bird whose Mamma used to drop food in your little beak.
    Now, you've fallen out of the nest into 3 lanes of traffic!

    1. Stay away from the Bible, religious discussion, personal investigation (beyond debunking videos with actual information), conspiracy theories, New Age, your friendly neighborhood church and speculation about anything supernatural for at least a year.

    2. Focus on educating yourself about basics of Science, Math, History, Geography, Philosophy, Logic, etc. Those are the pillars of Enlightenment.
    3. Avoid debates, arguments, controversies and blame-gaming.

    4. Don't ask other people to think for you or give you their opinion. Nobody knows a damn thing. It is ALL opinion and it's just noise.
    5. Discover who your real friends are. Anybody urging you to make decisions a certain way is suspect. Those who support YOUR decisions without trying to talk you out of them are good candidates.
    6. Make a list of what your basic NEEDS are and list ways of achieving them.

    7. BE AWARE you have been damaged! The same mind and mindset that got you into a cult (yes, it was a cult) is STILL PRESENT! You are going to have to dismantle each and every single concept you own and redefine the meanings.
    8. The good news is this. The bright light of personal freedom is shining on you and all it takes is baby steps to cross the threshold into total ownership of your life.

    9. Celebrate!

    I didn't make much progress at all away from entrenched JW ideas for the first 20 years!
    Why would I? How could I? I didn't know anything that was real! I was accustomed to being absolutely convinced of the "truth."
    I was dead wrong!

    I would recommend a book which really helped me.
    It might help you recalibrate the basic meaning of ideas, concepts, definitions, thinking, logic, reasoning, rational thought, notions of the objects of consciousness, the nature of the human mind, the nature of language, of knowledge, of moral principles, of free will, and even the nature of happiness.

    Here is the PDF link:

  • kairos
    My way of releasing the pain was to cry like a baby, even though I am a grown man. The pain came out as tears and sweat.

    This works. Got to get rid of the pain...

  • slimboyfat

    I can relate to that!

  • disposable hero of hypocrisy
    disposable hero of hypocrisy


    I wanted to die. I thought I'd let everybody down, my wife, my family, my god.

    I wasn't 100% sure when I first started learning ttatt, I just didn't trust my own reasoning power enough. Even now, on occasion, my brain flips back into jdub mode and I wonder if I've been fooled by evil apostates! That's why I keep a file of all the stuff I'm learning, written in my own words and with wt quotes as well. It doesn't take much to realise how much they've obscured the truth from everyone.

    We're here for you bro, take your time....

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