Paranormal Warning

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  • ttdtt

    I had a friend who told me about a demonic experience.

    Without going into many details - at night demons were "apparently looking for something to eat". (ha ha)

    Well in their kitchen the cabinet doors would open can close open and slam over and over.
    This went on for some period of time until they found the demonized item
    ( I think they got it at a garage sale [typical in these stories] ) then all was well.

    My question was - why the hell didnt you run out of that house and not come back?
    Why would you continue to stay there if that was happening?
    They had plenty of family to stay with - and there are these things called Hotels and Motels?

    Even when I was a believer - I didnt go for that crap because it made no sense.
    If that happened in my house - i would RUN! not be part of some B-Horror movie where the idiot just cant get enough of a warning to not leave the house:)

  • William Penwell
    William Penwell

    All the stories I ever heard were friends of a friend experienced these things. Nothing scientifically verifiable. Like I recall the story about the sister that went to a door and the person at the door was a killer but he wouldn't touch the witness sister because she was protected by two big angels. This was circulated like it was gospel truth. Now with the internet, doing a little research you will find this was an urban legend, it never happened. I bet there is still dubs that pass this story around to this day.

    All stories of demons and evil spirit stories was the WT's way of scarring you into staying in the organization.

  • William Penwell
    William Penwell

    Oh yeah I recall as a teenager this one poor elderly sister that lived down in a very poor area. She was one of the "anointed" but was a little funny in the head. She would hear noises at night and claimed it was the demons. Well the house she was in was very old a dilapidated and the noises I figure were either her imagination or maybe rats that got in her basement or attic.

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