Paranormal Warning

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  • Mozzie

    Nope. no drugs, didn't do drugs, but what was happening was real, there were others involved as well and they saw it all too

  • Sliced

    I agree that the stories were rampant back in the day. In the mid to late 70's everyone seemed to be on a demon-kick (Not just the Witnesses, everyone---> now that could be due to Hollywoods obsession with it at the time) We all know that the 70's put out some of the freakiest scariest pieces art, movie, theater etc. I still cringe to think I had to grow up in such a time... thank god the 80's rolled around. ;) My point is: YES, I heard all the JW urban legends and we were scared to death of demons. I think so much so that we may have THOUGHT something or someone was attacking us when, in AWAKE retrospect, I actually think it was paranoia. Our minds were constantly being conditioned of the dangers of demons, smurfs (lol) and anything that the GB didn't want you to look at, but knew YOU WOULD. Good old reverse psychology. That way- you became more and more dependent on THEM.

    Whether or not demons are or are not real is not something I even dwell on these days! I am too busy enjoying being free from the micro-management of the WT Corporation.

    The most SCARIEST pictures and ideas were planted in my head from the very material that was supposed to make me feel safe and secure... Go figure?

  • Ucantnome

    I still have my fears

  • wizzstick

    Randi $1,000,000 paranormal challenge

    For 2 decades James Randi has offered $1M to anyone who can prove paranormal abilities in a lab.

    Strangely enough no one has collected.

  • Giles Gray
    Giles Gray

    Would love to know why Demons like socks. The amount of times I have put even pairs in the washing machine and an hour later... there is an odd sock. One has simply vanished...

    But seriously, in cultures where there are ghost myths there are endless stories of ghosts. In places where there are no ghost myths nobody has ever seen one.

    And even with 'paranormal' experiences, if they happen in the Christian lands, the experience is associated with Christian myths. In Islamic lands it would be evidence the Qu'ràn is true.

    It seems odd that people only relate these experiences to their own belief systems. I have never heard a Christian claim that a paranormal experience were the actions of a Chinese culture demon.

  • Ucantnome

    I have watched some movies like The Conjuring and others some good some not so good. I don't find that they scare me in any way. I did find some thing on youtube that did and also a recording played on the radio. Seemed to reach a different part of me.

  • cofty

    JWs are the most superstitious people on earth.

    "Paranormal" is the least likely explanation of an unexplained event.

  • Luo bou to
    Luo bou to

    giles grey I had the same problem with gremlins and odd socks Try ordering them to stop it in the name of jehovah while hitting the washing machine with a watchtower 3 times

  • smiddy

    Has anybody here had any experience with Stephen Greer`s Sirius Disclosure movement relating to Paranormal activity /UFO`s , or know anybody that has been involved with his project ?

    I personally know a person who swears that their is something to it , conducting his own group of peole up to 20-30 sometimes , and their is no money changing hands in case your wondering .

    This person is not religious and does not beleive in the Bible.

    All of the group have experiences including skeptics that come along.

    My hesitation /skeptism is that their is some form of meditation taking place beforehand in a communal , setting the stage .


  • Ucantnome

    For those born into the religion, do you think the Society's emphasis on the paranormal or on demons affect your religious beliefs when you were young or tended to assist the Society in exerting control on your beliefs? Do you think it made you more fearful as a child or as an adult?

    Maybe to a degree but I never gave it a lot of thought. As a preschool child my mother would take me to her bible study with someone who had problems with the paranormal and I recieved toys from them. My mother nearly died at the time as she became very ill. I didn't have any problems due to the toys myself. It didn't leave me with any fear.

    It was some years later a different series of events that left we with a certain fear but I wouldn't say that it was the Society. I think that maybe my view of some religious people that I met in the field service was influenced by the Societies teachings as to whether I accepted anything from them or even listened to them.

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