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  • Witness My Fury
    Witness My Fury

    Sirius is bunk, i looked at it a few years back and it was clearly fake, but then i'm not anywhere near as gullible as i used to be.

    I had a very real and frightening "supernatural" experience as a 5 year old child with an over active imagination and indoctrinated into fearing my own shadow, because demunz.

    I carried that experience all my life until age 40 when i was doing lots of research into my cult, the bible, the paranormal, psychology, which lead to sleep disorders, hallucinations, sleep phases, etc.

    The penny finally dropped. My own supernatural experience had been my brain playing tricks on itself and misreading the inputs it thought it was being given when coming out of a deep sleep phase (i'd fallen asleep on the bed about 6pm before dinner). It frightened me silly at the time obviously.

    But now it is crystal clear. Nothing actually happened out of the ordinary, my brain in it's sleep phase fog just misread the signals., badly.

  • notsurewheretogo

    There are no paranormal activities in real life. Evidence suggests so. People's experiences are usually other things.

    For instance, low frequency sounds affect the brain in such a way that people think they see ghosts or some sort of paranormal activity.

    Whilst the brain thinks it is is not.

    Therefore, any experiences in this thread are not paranormal activity but just people's brain thinking it is so.

  • Half banana
    Half banana

    Everything we see or hear is mediated by our mysterious and fascinating brain. Our mind is capable of seeing the unseen and the unseeable...but it doesn't make it true.

  • Island Man
    Island Man

    neat blue dog said: "Tell me, were you using any drugs at the time?"

    This is a very insightful statement. Watchtower has claimed that the use of mind-altering drugs leaves ones mind in a vulnerable state to be possessed and influenced by demons. Why do they say this? In part because of the fact that it is a documented fact of secular history that ancient seers and oracles used mind altering drugs. It is also very, very, very revealing that the koine Greek word translated as "spiritism" in the book of revelation, actually literally means "druggery".

    So put it all together folks: mind altering drugs + seeing and experiencing paranormal activity = natural explanation for so-called supernatural experiences. They are products of the mind and thus the use of mind altering drugs to initiate them. But they can also occur without the use of such drugs, albeit far less frequently. I find it extremely funny that Watchtower has seen the evidence for the natural explanation of these things and rather than come to the obvious, rational conclusion, decides to concoct the ridiculous, hopelessly-blinded-from-seeing-the-obvious, comical idea that drugs make the mind more amenable to demon activity.

    It's like a mechanic in south america finding a dead snake tangled up in the mechanisms under the hood of a malfunctioning car and, rather than stating the obvious - that the snake is the cause of the problems - he states that the snake attracted a gremlin which caused the problems. Then he warns all his customers to not park near areas with snakes since snakes attract gremlins. lol.

    Sometimes they are natural events that are misinterpreted as paranormal activity under certain peculiar circumstances - like the mental equivalent of an optical illusion - a cognitive illusion.

    Sometimes they are strange rare natural occurrences that the one experiencing them is completely ignorant of and so decides to believe it's the work of demons. For example, I have heard several persons talking about being attacked by demons and describing an attack that takes the form of waking up in the middle of the night and being completely unable to move. But this is a completely normal and documented biological phenomenon call sleep paralysis.

    When a person falls asleep the brain normally paralyses his voluntary muscles. This natural mechanism serves to protect the body from harm during dreams by preventing the person from moving about like walking and running and crashing into obstacles or walking off cliffs, etc. In some people the paralysis mechanism doesn't work well. This can causes sleep walking. In other people - even in normal people, on rare occasions - the paralysis mechanism can fail to shut off when the person has awakened. So the person awakens but is still under sleep paralysis. I have heard several theists describe this phenomenon to me and ascribe it to the work of demons or witchcraft. lol.

  • Powermetal4ever
    I have heard stuff from JWs but not from those that it has been happening to. For example my (former) friend told me about a couple where the man is an elder an the wife is pioneer, and they had to move from their house because there was some kind of activity in it. True or not I have no idea, but the funny thing is I know they had african masks on their wall in their apartment before moving in to this house. I am not religious or spiritual any longer but I don't know if I would want to have african masks on my wall. Interesting coincidence though.
  • scratchme1010

    Are there any urban legends that tend to circulate primarily among JWs, or have you actually experienced any strange or inexplicable things that you would label the paranormal? For those born into the religion, do you think the Society's emphasis on the paranormal or on demons affect your religious beliefs when you were young or tended to assist the Society in exerting control on your beliefs? Do you think it made you more fearful as a child or as an adult?

    There are a few events in my life that have happened that I cannot explain. However I tend to not pay much attention or try to dwell on it.

    Today I'm not really very religious at all, and I don't affirm nor subscribe to any belief (or lack of). Most of my self-help work after leaving the JWs has been about reducing its influence from my life to the minimum possible.

    Back when I was a JW it never made sense to me to think that some book or computer or artifact is supposed to have demos attached because of its previous owner. I've always thought it's stupid to think that the last known owner of a given object has the capacity to have demos lingering around it, as opposed to any other people who has been in touch with such object during its manufacturing, distribution, selling and delivery. Why thinking about the last person who owned something before me, and not all the other people who have been in touch with it before? Besides, will that rationale make the opposite true, that is, will objects owned by JWs have angels attached to them? The whole thing sounded stupid to me from day one. Never made sense.

    Also, as a child I'd always find a flaw or at least simple mindedness every time that I was hearing one of those stupid "demon" stories. Not to mention that some of those stories were just downright a lie. Also, I grew more fearful of the adults I was supposed to trust in the congregation and in my family than some abstract concept of bad beings out there trying to harm me. The tangible, human ones around me were doing a wonderful work at that without their help.

  • StarTrekAngel

    AT least in the Spanish circuit, demon or paranormal stories were not foreign to assemblies. The slowly started to banish, as I guess the internet not only exposed them but also the fact that many of these stories were presented as original to JWs when in reality, they were taken from other religions.

    Stories I heard at assemblies, presented from the platform..

    - A man who claims was into black magic, after converting to JW, he decided to burn his magic books but the fire would not damage them. Only after he prayed and mentioned the name of Jehovah did the book began to burn down

    - A man who claims he was preaching with a friend when he stopped by a house where no one dared to stop. He claims most JWs were wary of this house as they said a weird man covered in tattoos lived there and was known to do bad, mysterious things. The two JWs approached the house and knocked. The man came out and chatted with them. The story goes that the "bad man" confessed that he was constantly beaten and harmed by demons (he apparently show them his injuries) and that he would normally not open the door because the demons tell him they will hurt anyone who enters the house. The man told the JWs he decided to open the door in this case because he could see they were not alone. When the JWs told them it was just them two, the "bad man" told them they were not alone, that he could see two angels walking right along with them. (this story was supposedly to be proof that the angels do accompany JWs in their preaching and it quickly became an urban legend among JWs in the South Texas area)

    There is also a story from a family we knew pretty well and well known by most of our friends in the congregation. This is certainly not the first time I hear a story from what I feel is a reliable source but just to make it clear, none of these has ever happened to me. I also know there are several "paranormal" events that can be explained away but at the same time I also feel that sometimes we throw everything under the same label. Like every UFO is a consequence of swamp gas, not matter how many more details there are to the story that does not line up to swamp gas. I do not dare to prove or deny anything, I simply prefer to stand in the "that is weird and I do not know how to explain it field until one day someone can".

    On with the story.. A family of 5 JWs, leaving in a nearby town. One of his children was the quite type.. too quite actually. Although he was 8 year old, he hardly talked and no one knew why. The school had already referred the parents to have him checked for autism and the like. Also because on top of everything, he seemed to have a fascination with drawing this ugly monsters. One his smaller siblings, as he was getting to an age he could articulate and communicate better, started telling his mom that the chickens they had in the backyard would laugh at him and mock him. The mother thought the kid was saying those darned things that kids always say. This was until some time later when their sister, who was 12, said that she had also heard the chicken talk and laugh and that she had not said anything because she thought it was just her and that no one in the family was going to believe her. FInally, one day, the quite kid, confessed to his brother the monster he was drawing were the monsters that visited him in his room at night. The family was shocked at all of this so the father got everyone together so they could all tell whatever they knew. The oldest of them all, a 17 year old girl, was the only one, asides from the parents, who had not seen or heard anything. The father started blaming her for the kind of music she listened to (typical JW reaction) so she started saying that they kids were making it all up as they were children for the most part and that she was not afraid of anything. The story goes that the monster finally appeared to the fearless 17 year old and started beating her, challenging her by saying "Go on, say the name of your God and see if you can even open your mouth".

    This was, supposedly, what finally prompted the father to talk to the elders. The father decided to move his family out of the house that same day and went to live with a relative. To this day no one can say that this family has ever shown any signs of drug abuse, drinking or anything you would imagine. Active imaginations do happen. It just tickles me that there can be so many in one house and some with the same story to tell. Either way, who knows... This is weird and I don't know how to explain it. All I know is that this family has a reputation which does not include making things up.

  • stuckinarut2

    Great comments Island Man!

    Im glad you mentioned "sleep paralysis". I researched this extensively, and it completely explains those supposed stories people claim about "feeling like a demon was on top of them while in bed"

    Also great comments scratchme1010! I also had a problem with the claim that an article or item owned by a "spiritistic" person would have an attached demon! That means that perhaps the money coin or note we get as change from going to the store might once have been in the pocket of a "spiritistic" person!? So should we only ask for money that has never changed hands before...?

    When logically analysed, everything has an explanation.

  • stuckinarut2

    Having said all of that, I was at the assembly where a friend of a friend saw his toy smurf get up off the floor and walk out saying "I'm outta here!" in a low growling demonic voice....


  • Cold Steel
    Cold Steel

    Years ago when my brother and I got our first Kodak Instamatic cameras, someone told us that if we photographed glass windows in old houses that we'd see old images from the past. We tried it and with a little imagination we could see things in window reflections we swore were ghost images.

    I don't have the negatives anymore, but I decided to go back to one of our old "haunts" in Western Kentucky and photograph the house we spent a lot of time in for a photo project I was working on (non-paranormal). I went to Google to take some snapshots of an upper window and several lower windows. In one of the lower windows I got a "face" that shook even me up, but I can't locate it now. And in the photo below there are several figures that seem to be people with ties. (The figure on the right seems to be wearing a hat, and the upper photo seems to be the face of a dog.)

    Go ahead and zoom in. Are these simply my imagination? Are they reflective anomolies of light and nothing more? Or are they images of the past?

    You tell me. The mind is a fertile pot where light, ghosts and demons all vie for dominance in our psyches. BTW, I went back to Google last night and looked at the same house. This time there was nothing. I'm still going to try to find that downstairs face. That almost made me a believer!

    How about you? Do you have any weird photos from the past? Any relics that move on their own accord?

    By the way, if you have any really annoying associates in the Society, go to antique stores and buy old, used Ouji boards. Target your family and hide a board where it's not likely to be immediately found. Then find another location in the same house and hide a second one. Have a friend whose handwriting won't be recognized scribble the family's address somewhere on the box. Write it in pencil, then blot it to make it look old. Imagine how they'll react when they find a second board stuffed down in the basement! It could be fun.

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