Paranormal Warning

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  • OrphanCrow
    cold steel: Oh, you'd be a lot of fun at a campout!

    What the heck is that supposed to mean?? I am great on a campout...I think. Oh...maybe not. I just remembered my last camping trip...

    You may say here and now that you wouldn't mind being locked into an abandoned prison or asylum to spend the night, but if it came down to it, we'd probably all chicken out rather than do it.

    Lol! Actually, I have done this. Seriously. I spent the night, with a group of paranormal investigators, inside an old TB sanatorium. It had been abandoned for years. Apparently, it is claimed to be one the highest paranormal sites in Canada.

    We split into two groups and I was with the group that sat inside the overflow morgue with the lights off - we were looking for "Mr. Stiffy" - the undertaker that was said to hang out there on occasion. Fun times

  • smiddy


    " Do you think that it is possible for humans to actually be this evil and inhumane on their own , without any Demonic influence ?how ? why? "

    Simple Answer ,

    Humans were made in GOD`s image ! Think about it.

    Their is no comparison to the judgement by GOD of the first human pair and ALL their offspring for Centuries to come , with the penalty handed down to Satan . He got off scot free by comparison .

    Not only do they suffer death ,but also the most debillitating and undignified diseases imaginable ,stripping a persons dignity.

    4000 years of history ,according to the Old Testament ,portrays GOD as a war monger , a genocidal maniac ,who ordered the destruction of many nations /tribes who got in his way.always with an excuse ,Amonites,Hittites ,Jebusites ,etc,etc.,he was barbaric in his treatment of people who offended him by having them stoned to death , and slaughtered by Angels ,186000 ? for what ? A bit over the top wasn`t it ?

    Don`t get me started on the treatment of women in the Old Testament ,a rapist had to marry the woman he raped ,obviously the woman didn`t have a say .What woman wants to marry their rapist ? It`s a violent act by nature.

    Wiping out man AND BEAST ( what wrong did they ever do ? ) funny that he never wiped out all the marine life that included animals , mammals , and sea creatures also. { according to the flood of Noah`s day of course }

    And lets not forget the slaughter of millions of animals , cattle , sheep , goats , pidgeons , etc as blood sacrifices to this GOD over the Centuries.

    And this is a GOD of love ?

    According to the Bible GOD never changes he is the same today as he was yesterday and will continue to be the same tomorrow.

    Does that answer your question Sevan ? You did ASK the question , did you not ?

    You don`t need Demons when you have the Almighty God Jehovah / Yahweh

  • Ucantnome

    'we were looking for "Mr. Stiffy" - the undertaker that was said to hang out there on occasion. Fun times'

    It's less fun if a "Mr. Stiffy" moves in unexpectedly and uninvited to your house and stays for months.

  • Anders Andersen
    Anders Andersen


    You realize that 'Satan' is not answer to you question why evil exists right?

    Because if humans can't do evil without outside influence (Satan), why would Satan be able to do evil without outside source?

    1. Satan, supposedly created as a perfect, holy angel to serve God in righteousness.
    2. Humans, supposedly conceived in sin, their every thought wicked, and with a treacherous heart.

    Does it make any sense to say that wicked humans need Satan to do evil, but a holy angel can come up with wicked stuff all by himself?

    These myths don't make any sense. Let them where they belong...a couple thousand years in the past...

  • Witness My Fury
    Witness My Fury

    Some brains just aren't wired right, so just because you have empathy, morals, conscience, kindness etc does not mean everyone else does.

    Psychopaths tend to have a different brain structure. Nothing external is required to be "evil" the problem is in their brain, literally.

  • Nevuela

    Time Bandit - why do you say that? I don't see how Cold Steel's question is even remotely controversial. All he's asking is if anyone has experienced anything paranormal personally or if there are any urban legends circulating among JWs. It's not like he's asking if we BELIEVE in anything paranormal. Relaying what we have heard or experienced shouldn't cause any problems. And why atheists in particular? I know several personally who may not believe in a supreme deity, but DO believe in ghosts and other things that have yet to be explained or documented.

  • Island Man
    Island Man

    Sevan, evil does not exist - not in the sense that you seem to be thinking of it. Evil is a word that we invented to refer to occurrences and conditions that we find extremely unpleasant and undesirable. It's an abstract label that we attach to events around us. We have also attached superstitious and religious connotations to it. Evil is a subjective, abstract concept. It does not exist objectively in the real world.

    What many people label as evil can be seen happening in the animal kingdom as part of the normal everyday cycles of life and death. Evil as often used today, is a word invented by the religious and superstitious minded as a way to ascribe purpose and agency to unpleasant events. It's a way for the superstitious to ascribe ethereal or supernatural motives and agency to highly unpleasant and undesirable events. It's a way for the superstitious to allude to satan or demons without explicitly mentioning them.

  • Saename
    Luo bou to - giles grey I had the same problem with gremlins and odd socks Try ordering them to stop it in the name of jehovah while hitting the washing machine with a watchtower 3 times

    Holy hell! It worked! Gonna donate now!!

  • OrphanCrow
    ucantnome: 'we were looking for "Mr. Stiffy" - the undertaker that was said to hang out there on occasion. Fun times'
    It's less fun if a "Mr. Stiffy" moves in unexpectedly and uninvited to your house and stays for months.

    It's okay...I don't let creatures like that rent space in my head

    And, if there is such a thing as spirit creatures...IF....then it only stands to reason that they have no impact on the physical world. If they want to come visit me...I don't mind company. IF they exist, they have no power

  • Sliced


    Pareidolia---- in essence, the ability to see faces in objects. Our brains are hard wired for facial recognition. I can look at any pattern and see faces, animals, ugly or pretty- depending on the patterns and depending on my frame of mind at the time. If I am telling myself that I am looking for "faces and or demons" in a window or picture of an old window... well, by golly- I will see just that. Our minds are fascinating and have incredible capabilities! Whether or not demons actually exist- is irrelevant when the MIND can make them and anything else REAL to you. With that being said, some people say NO there is nothing supernatural- they have told themselves it is not possible or plausible. Others are open to it- and SEE more and believe more. Who really is right?

    Hmmmmm.... ;)

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