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  • Viviane
    Holy hell! It worked! Gonna donate now!!

    I actually just bought a combo washer/dryer so they didn't get lost in the transition from the washer to the dryer.

  • Bardamu

    Fear of demons haunted my childhood and maybe teenage years also. Then you hear those crazy demon stories from people you know and who are not insane.

    The closest ive been to a "paranormal" experience must have been sleep paralysis, multiple times, so awake and almost totally paralyzed plus strong auditory hallucinations but that thing has a logical scientific explanation...last time i had one i was not scared at all.

    I do not believe in those things anymore but i think its interesting how spiritism still has a huge impact on many people and some parts of the world.

  • Sevan

    Ok, I hear what y'all are saying. It is just the level of cruel evil things that some people do that are hard to understand. Like what possesses an 8 year old child to torture and kill an innocent animal? Or a 17 year old boy to rape, torture and kill a little child? What would cause a mother to starve, torture, beat and kill her own child? All these evil things and worse are things that people have actually done. How does such things even come up into their mind?

    I guess the demon idea always made more sense to me because I could not imagine people being so evil and vicious on their own, especially after such a short time on the earth. The demons, ostensibly, have had thousands of years of complete darkness from love and goodness with which to hone their cruelty and viciousness. This idea has always made more sense than people just being that evil on their own.

    I have spent decades reading and watching about crime trying to figure out that never ending question "why?" Yet, I never can get a satisfactory answer. It is all so senseless. There is never a real answer as to why people do these things.

  • Crabby


  • snare&racket


    The question about evil....

    Do you call it evil when a Lion takes down a gazelle? What about if one lion pride fights another? Why assume that with humans there is an extra invented element called 'evil'? The world is a safer, happier, healthier, wealthier place as civilisation improves and progresses. I bet you can't pick one year from history you would rather live in !

    Illness and disease sucks but it is part of biological life. Is the survivability of bacteria evil? Is it evil when a kid gets a bacterial infection? It's just the natural world and every organism seeking to survive over another. It's a harsh world but we can explain away why. To introduce evil you need to explain it and prove it exists and then you have to prove that the best suggestion for why it is here a horned red dude called Satan from Jewish myth.

    Take another look at the world and try to find evil..... I see selfishness, I see people doing things for their own good, I see mentally damaged people not appreciating normal social rules usually because they were harmed too or clinically unwell for physical reasons. I sincerely don't see evil in the world anymore. If there are good, healthy and unscarred people out there that do awful heinous acts for no other reason that to do bad... I sincerely haven't seen that yet,

  • snare&racket

    Demons and Satan are lazy explanations. Researching serotonin levels and acute psychosis has taken humans thousands of years and is difficult,

    Attributing rainbows when it rains to to a god promising the world they wouldn't flood the earth again is an easy and lazy answer, knowing how protons and light reacts while passing through water is complex and difficult to work out.

    Just because an answer is easy doesn't make it right. Just because a demon is an easier explanation than epilepsy is a dangerous and primitive assumption.

    Person A has more cortisol and adrenaline produced under stress than Person B and is therefore more prone to violence..... Or there is a devil and person A is evil.

  • Sevan

    We are not lions hunting for prey to survive. That is not even a related scenario to what I'm talking about.

    There is no survival benefit for a mother to torture her child. So, yeah, I can't compare the two in your scenario. It is apples and oranges.

    I get that there are mental imbalances that contribute to these actions, but they do not completely explain them. Because there are a lot of people that have psychopathy and schizophrenia and other disorders that choose not to act on their more base thoughts and desires. And it still does not explain the extreme degree of cruelty that is seen. Actions that are unfathomable and unimaginable. I've read a lot in psychological textbooks about psychopathy and it is still not well understood and the extreme actions of some are not well understood.

    I agree that religious ideas are often easy answers for topics that are difficult to comprehend. I agree that it is a sign of intellectual curiosity to try to find the scientific answer and to do academic research. However, I also believe that philosophy and religious ideas have a place in our understanding of the world and of the human race. In our understanding of morality and love.

    I want to believe in a loving, benevolent creator. To believe in a reason and purpose. Yet, if I think deeply about the madness and chaos in the world, it its hard to understand why God would let such things continue and I don't find the Biblical answer completely satisfactory.

    I want to believe that this is not all there is. I want to believe that the 1 year old baby girl that was raped to death will live again and be loved outside of this cruel world. That the poor 13 year old boy that was caged, starved and beaten to death will know that he is valuable and his life does matter. His name was Christian and I'll never forget reading about him. I've kept him in my heart all these years. Hoping that someday in the resurrection I would meet him and tell him how loved he was and that I could be something of a mommy to him. This world is just such a heartbreaking place for so many innocents. I want to believe there is love, beauty and joy on the other side for them.

  • snare&racket

    "I want to believe in a...."

    and this is why you have bias over the explanation.

    The lion analogy was to explain away violence and war.

    To want to perform cruelty and torture from one human to another is by itself an indication of a broken and unwell mind. There is no missing answers. A human is getting chemical reward by harming another, that is a physical release of a reward mechanism. That's either anatomical or learned. Mothers harm children for attention/affection from others. Some do it to feel empowered because they have been raised to feel wesk. You can't compare two humans from the same background and when one does bad things state it is evil. No two humans have the exact same physical makeup. Likewise no two humans have the same experience in life.

    Why evoke a mysterious thing called 'evil' that isnt even a real physical thing?

  • never a jw
    never a jw

    Never had any paranormal experience, but I know plenty of normal looking JW's who claim that they purchased second hand clothes and when they brought it home the demons/spirits/ghosts haunted the house. When they got rid of the clothes the problem was solved.

    My JW nephew claims that he heard noises and furniture moving in his bedroom during the night that he borrowed a Harry Potter book from a friend.

  • Sevan

    snare&racket, I really appreciate your thoughtful and philosophical replies. Let me ask you a question? Do you believe that people that have these chemical imbalances have a choice? Can they choose not to act on these base desires that give a chemical reward?

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