What changes are on the way?

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  • insearchoftruth

    So trying to get back to the intent of why I posted this thread. Was there any additional conversation on ‘new light’. The more I think the more plausible consolidation of congregations into fewer KH or even AH that serve more as theaters makes sense and use the brick and mortar locations for events like CO visits or memorial services and meeting places for FS. Lots to be made in real estate at this time.

  • FFGhost

    Credit where credit is due.

    "Scholar" is by far the most effective troller I've ever seen.

    Pro tips for the amateurs:

    -- Stick to just one topic - focus, focus, focus

    -- Repeat yourself, er, repeatedly

    -- When trapped beyond hope, simply state "that is your interpretation" and plow right on ahead

  • sloppyjoe2


    I think most people here know your belief when it comes to 607. I am curious as to what you would do IF the governing body ever did change their stance on 607 to 586/587. How would you react to something like that? I don't think they will, but curious how you would navigate that doctrinal shift.

  • JW GoneBad
    JW GoneBad

    Hey scholar...what is your reaction/explanation to the long held (some 50 years) teaching then 180° flip-flop of Joel 2 Locusts application by David Splane @ the 2019 AGM...crazy huh???

    For decades JWs are the Locusts...then one day in October 2019 Locusts are JWS' enemy!

  • redvip2000
    You miss the point: 586 is not supported by the Bible as the destruction of Jerusalem.

    Really? are we really turning this into a 1914 debate?

    Folks, this 607 belief as been debunked to death. No, nothing happened in 607, and everybody knows it.

    Who cares if the bible doesn't support it? The bible is not a history book.

    There is too much information to confirm REAL historic dates, not fake 607 dates.

    The WT will maintain this lie until there is no other choice.

    I remember when I first read "the gentile times reconsidered" and half way through the book and I was already beyond convinced that the WT was lying about this.

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