The Longest Goodbye Of John McCain

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  • _Morpheus
    He gets credit for his courage in Vietnam

    Im curious, slim one..... in what way did he show courage?

  • Vidiot

    Despite the fact that I'm pretty left-leaning, I actually think McCain would have made a competent president.

  • stillin

    Vision, he would at least have been respectable!

  • em1913

    I've always found political funerals tedious, although I did shed a tear during Reagan's funeral and I couldn't stand the guy when he was alive. State funerals are always about emotional manipulation, no matter who's getting planted.

    As far as his position as a leading moderate goes, he was only considered one because the rest of his party has gone so batspit crazy. I feel the same way about the unwarranted lionization of Susan Collins.

  • minimus

    Well I’m glad it’s finally over!

  • FedUpJW
  • em1913

    "The indisputable facts show that a class of men who indulge in hunting wild beasts merely for the thrill and selfish pleasure derived therefrom are also the men who indulge and delight in military training and the prosecution of wars, and also that they are to a large degree religionists, given over to formalism and the praise and adulation of men...."

    -- w38, p 359 para. 27

    Well, I guess two out of three ain't bad.

  • WingCommander

    I found his funeral to be painfully long and drawn out, ridiculous really. We've had past Presidents that haven't had such grand funerals such as this. And the most jaw-dropping aspect? The fact that this self-centered, self-aggrandizing "hero" actually planned it all HIMSELF!!!! If that doesn't reek of "narcissism" I don't know what does. I used to have some respect for McCain, but after really diving into this past and seeing how he treated his first wife, his REAL service record, etc....I am actually glad he was NOT elected POTUS. The audacity to state he didn't want not only Trump, but also Palin to NOT attend his funeral? What a DICK!!!! Know what WASN'T a dick move and shows class? The fact that Air Force 2 flew his body to DC! Don't hear the Liberal media talking about THAT, do you?

  • caves

    Gezz, I need to apologize for my word vomit towards minimus. If for no one else but myself.

    Political news and post trigger me and I said some things to you in the heat of that trigger that I regret and dont truly mean.

    A backdrop as to why if anyone cares. Wouldn't blame you if dont.

    Last year at this time I was working as a Butler for a well to do Trump supporting family. I was told and it was enforced that I was to watch and agree with all political things regarding Trump. My life was threatened literally more than I can count. My pay denied. To the tune of 30,000 dollars for the year. So I sat and agreed but it still wasnt enough for this family. Because I had.....HAD!!! friends that did not understand why I was 'illegally made" to alter whatever I believed in to keep this job, they broke off. That hurt. But I live in a redneck small town so the rules are made here and enforced here, if you catch my meaning. Legally I had to pursue this to get away from them. It was not pretty. It took me down. It slapped them but destroyed me. After I got real sick, still am, and am fighting with all I got.

    They were extreme. They called black people monkeys. Interfered with my side business. The gym i belonged to was very vocal about not supporting Trump. When it was found I was working for a family that did, my membership got cancelled. Was that legal? No. But is it legal in a small town that makes there own rules. No. But who will stop them. No one in a small redneck town....... The list goes on.

    So Political post trigger, me big time.

    I was not allowed to have a voice. AT ALL!!! Even when I agreed, it was wrong. I was called retarded,ignorant,leftist, (im republican) for not wanting to wake up at 5am to watch the news and praise Trump.And I do mean praise Trump. I did not vote for Hillary, but it doesn't matter . It didn't matter. I was a target and Trump crammed down my throat. News on for 1 year solid near 24/7 about politics. I was made to make meals but had to eat something else. I paid for the food. How could I let this happen?

    This seems like something out of a screwed up movie yet it happened.

    SOoooooo.... Im now touchy about politics all the way around.

    Lastly, and again my apologies for getting nasty with words. I dont want to turn into those who hurt me.

  • stillin

    Wow, Caves! Incredible, yet I believe it. I am also in a redneck town and there is an undercurrent of people sorting out their friends based on their political leanings. Negative comments about the present administration or its' policies are answered with ignorant defenses (mostly) and "news" that came fresh out of the Trump-loving machine; not necessarily true, but adequate for answering the latest leftist accusations. This doesn't make America great again.

    You have been through a grinder! Sorry this happened to you.

    I don't know whether McCain was a "great" man, but in my mind I'm preserving the concept of a moderate Republican.

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