The Longest Goodbye Of John McCain

by minimus 64 Replies latest jw friends

  • caves

    minimus-I can understand not speaking ill of the dead but he wasn’t anything special.

    I certainly wont shed a tear over your death minimus. I could care less if you like me or this gets me thrown off the forum. You unemphatic, narcissist, self licking, uncaring, (except to cause drama on the board) horrible excuse for a person. How long has it been since you talked about anything that wasn't putting others down?

    I didnt vote for McCain, as if that matters to you who seems hell bent on putting others down that dont fall at your feet and worship your every word!

    Oh but wait...Even IF some did fall at your feet and worshiped your decaying ass, you would still dismiss them. You are a narcissist. And a punk ass bitch one, at that!

    Now go slitter your way into the kitchen and eat more ice cream you total waste of space. Im offended your using our earths oxygen.

    ANOTHER THREAD FROM THE SHIT STARTER. You must have the shitiest life on the planet. poor poor minimus.

  • caves

    mimimus- 16 long years here and this is all you have left? What, cant hack it on real political forums?

    Run out of jw stuff to talk about? Not being a jw gives you the freedom to openly be a jerk?

    So bored that all you do is get a small high off of causing shit. People dont get made this way , they are born like this.

    You even a few weeks ago whined about someones posts being at the top for to long. Jealous mimimus?

  • Finkelstein

    Pretty cold to not invite Sarah Palin in reflection of the relationship he had with her.

    Call it arrogance of self importance , sure she was a bit of airhead but she still is a person with heart .

    Some politicians have an over glorified ego of themselves

  • _Morpheus
    I know he has a daughter, shes about my age. I saw a really sad picture of her crying at his funeral. He died of cancer, my dad was just diagnosed with cancer. From that perspective I’m sad for his family.

    So you do know, literally, SOMETHING about him. See how easy that was? It only took 5 posts and a lot of digging to find out what you really know and think. In short, if i understand correctly, you see a lot of similar circumstances and feel sympathetic.

    It means you see another family in a situation similar to yours and i can understand and respect that. That does not make him a hero, influential or a republican leader, however. Words matter

    I can like, or not like how someone acts without meeting them.

    Thats not the full context. Dont try to move the goal post when you realize how foolish you sounded. You said, and i quote you directly, “I literally know nothing about him.” And then you said you didnt like him. Words matter. You clearly are responding emotionally because of shared circumstances, and thats a normal human reaction, but when you have a minute of quiet mediation try to separate “feel” from facts. Consider letting your rational brain guide your actions instead being guided by pure emotion.

    And pointing out that you are talking out of your ass isnt bullying you. Everyone can see you have no idea what your talking about, im just the guy trying to help you grow past your immaturity.

  • minimus

    Caves, you are entitled to your opinion and I laughed out loud while I was reading your diss. It doesn’t bother me simply because I have never seen any of your posts. If you’ve been here for a while, it never registered. I hope you really feel good about yourself since you crushed my spirit so easily. Toy brute, you....😎

  • caves

    minimus , I believe you. Thats my point. lol

  • Xanthippe

    Strange the way the US honours even the politicians who didn't make it. We really don't honour politicians at all in the UK. Soon forgotten.

  • _Morpheus

    We dont either. This is a dog and pony show because he hated trump and its his “reward”. Thats the overarching point of this thread, that its a lot of goodbyes for a nobody.

  • minimus

    Well said Morpheus

  • blisterfeet

    Caves. That was uncalled for. Min is nothing like you say. Morpheus you’re an angry grouch.

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