2017 Service Year Report Grand Totals

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  • steve2

    The days of annual detailed annual service reports for each individual “land” are over.

    I suspect too that the last year for annual rallies of memorial partakers was 2016 - so I’m assuming the tally for this year was more than the tally for last year.

    Disappear the numbers and watch JWs not blink.

  • Diogenesister
    SBF I'm also amazed that more and more JWs are becoming pioneers.

    Guessing it's because it's easier to get the hours in, sitting by a cart playing clash of clans.

    I'm still pretty surprised, though, too. Agree with your suggestion that their could be a split of ideologies.

  • smiddy3

    Correct me if I am wrong ,the majority of people on this board believe/proved JW`s organization are not honest when they quote sources for their articles in magazines or on their programs on JW.Org

    In other words they are biased to only present what they believe validates their belief /agenda promoting their view omitting anything in this same quote that may give an alternative understanding of the subject.

    And they justify /rationalize this as Theocratic Warfare ,withholding information from those not worthy of it as being OK.

    { The sin of Omission ?}

    And only promoting beliefs /views that support their claims disregarding all other evidence to the conrtary

    So why in the world should we trust what they say in regard to anything they say as regards their previous year of so called increases and achievements in their witnessing ?

    Edit to add :

    The fact that they mislead the R&F JW`s today as to what they believed and taught in their early history was an eye opener for me. That they could be so dishonest about their own early history was a shock to me.

  • Diogenesister
    Perhaps my math is not correct, but do the figures represent a 7,198.8 hour commitment to get ONE person baptized?

    You're correct.

    2 billion hours preaching. Utter rot.

    Take out lunch breaks, coffee breaks, donut breaks, cart guarding, drive time, looking for deaf people, building projects, elders public talks, stuffing mags in laundrettes, pioneer shuffling.....how much of that 2 billion is active preaching???A miniscule percentage.

  • Crazyguy

    I still don’t believe their numbers I mean 50 to 60 percent of the kids grow up and leave the cult and they were once counted at the very least publishers yet theit growth year after year not one down year since like 1977. Come one, and add to it all the deaths and dfings, no freaking way.

  • alanv

    Personally I do believe the figures. Over time they have reported figures that look awful. After 1975 they showed how many had left the org. They have shown minuses in many countries all over the world. Certainly when writing about those figures they certainly dont highlight them, but they certainly have shown many bad figures in the yearly report.

    The problem they have now is that there is more bad news than good news in the report. So as many on here have said, it seems they will never again be showing the detail we have been used to when reading the report. I really hope I'm wrong though.

  • freddo

    Yes alanv - the present GB have less backbone than their predecessors.

    No "partakers" - I'll guess; no mention of ARC in "legal" on jborg.

    Just Jehovah finding pipe leaks and flying the GB member home from Russia as a miracle on the electric church TV channel.

  • steve2

    We know western countries have shown reduced growth - even plateauing - in recent years and that the bulk of the increase has been from third world countries. If we take the reporting of grand totals as the way of their future reporting with no mention of tallies for individual lands, then this is not do much faking numbers as losing the embarrassing details of lands in which decline or plateauing are occurring.

    But the major, major puzzle is the 7% increase in baptisms after so many reports recorded small numbers baptised even at large conventions.

  • Wakanda
    But the major, major puzzle is the 7% increase in baptisms after so many reports recorded small numbers baptised even at large conventions.

    Exactly. What is this? Smoking gun that other numbers are massaged? I personally think so. There has been growth in my area in the 80s and 90s, but now the numbers, that a person can see when visiting various halls or talking to members, are comparable to the 1970s. We've lost a lot, which is great. But you would never know it from WT numbers.

  • flipper

    As Freddo mentioned - Are there no reports of how many partook of the emblems at the Memorial this year ? Are WT leaders getting nervous that it might jump from 18,000 partaking to 30,000 in one year's time ? LOL. Wouldn't that be hilarious if the number jumped up to 144,000 or more within 5 years or so ? Then WT could claim that all of the prospective " kings " and " priest's " ruling in heaven have been chosen since 2010 !!

    New light, right !!! ??? It's so weird, I swear they pull these teachings out of their bare back bottoms I'm tellin ' ya

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