2017 Service Year Report Grand Totals

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  • WTWizard

    I wonder how many of those are sincere, believing members that are not in it simply to ruin people's lives or to help joke-hova to enslave the whole world. Take out those with nefarious motives or that are simply turning in fake time slips or having fake time slips turned in on their behalf, or those doing field circus under force, and the numbers could go well below 7 million--probably below one million.

  • westiebilly11

    Aux pioneering ( as it was back then..) and Pioneering etc took real effort and planning. It was hard. These days it's virtually standing on street corner with a cart...effortless, but easy to rack up hours and numbers..

  • AudeSapere

    Regular pioneers comprise 15% of PEAK Publishers?

    WOW! That is significant ratio. Granted, the carts and reduced hours requirement make it easier to attain.

    But 15% of PEAK is significant. I wonder what the number of Average Publishers is?

    Would that bring the ratio up to near 20%?

    If so, that is one of every five witnesses - pioneering.

    Sounds extraordinarily high. Impressive, even. Thus, very sad for the sheeple.

    At least they feel they have some purpose for themselves albeit deluded purpose.

    15-20%. I am very surprised at this.

  • FedUpJW

    Perhaps my math is not correct, but do the figures represent a 7,198.8 hour commitment to get ONE person baptized?

    With a full time job, working no overtime, that would be a three and a half year effort per person. That sounds like a tremendous influx...NOT!

  • Pete Zahut
    Pete Zahut

    The increase in pioneers is probably due to the cart witnessing. It's nothing now to spend 3-4 hours in service standing around.

    The carts have been around for a while now and I suspect we are seeing that more JW's are getting used to the idea of using them. Those who may have been intimidated by Pioneering in the past because of face to face encounters and the amount of knowledge they might be expected to convey in the door to door work, may see the carts as a more doable alternative. The carts I've seen are typically manned by 2 people and there are usually 2 carts near each other. That's 4 people (possibly all pioneering) and counting time standing in the same spot and being seen by virtually the same passers by.

    I've also noticed that there's a lot of older ones doing the cart work and especially and increase in older men who are standing by the carts. I'm getting the idea that the "baby boomers" are retiring and Pioneering with the literature carts, is an easy way to go about it. It may be more affordable for them rather than driving a vehicle around all day.

  • St George of England
    St George of England

    What counts as a pioneer?

    If someone pioneers for a single month, say during Memorial season or C/O visit, which requires only 30 hours, does this count to the pioneer statistics?


  • alanv

    A JW pioneer can be regular, auxiliary or special. The figures shown on this thread are for regular pioneers. So those who commit to doing 70 hours each month.

  • pomo6780

    Considering the economy in some parts of the UK is not as it seems it's no wonder pioneers have increased. Sorry for personal opinion but...

    I don't agree with university education. I believe in teaching kids life skills whilst at school and grooming them for a good work ethic. Forget university, why aren't young adults using libraries, museums and educational websites? Because they've been dumbed down by continous monotonous education, rather than progressive research as we do.

  • pomo6780

    I think the tone of my words were a bit harsh, I apologise for any upset. I've posted a clarification of my view.

  • redpilltwice

    Thanks for sharing the letter to the congregations darkspilver.

    There were also some interesting comments below that letter on reddit, such as

    [–]Busta_Gets_NASTY"Does he have to get nasty?" 22 punten 1 dag geleden
    I would almost guarantee that we will never have figures broken down by specific country ever again. We will no longer be able to do the math, they will do it for us. There will be no transparency here.
    [–]Ich3bLeak all the things[S] 17 punten 1 dag geleden
    And I don't think we will ever know how many partakers at the memorial anymore either.

    The letter to the congregations was a pathetic attempt to be as positive as possible (as always), but by reading these comments about specific information becoming less and less available, such as the number of memorial partakers you know where it must be hurting for the Borg.

    The WT can pull numbers out of their ass what they want, but as long as I hear friends and relatives tell about how JW's hardly come at their doors anymore, it's all bullshit to me. The decline IS real.

    Over 2 billions hours??? Pff... third world growth and zombie cart witnessing without a bible are not very impressive while being sooooooooooo close to the end.

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