2017 Service Year Report Grand Totals

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  • alanv

    Haha yes i just changed what I wrote, after I checked the letter

  • steve2

    I agree alanv. The recent comment that "significant features" of the 2017 report will be added to their website when "available" suggests the usual full report will now be abbreviated.

    Of course, SBF is also being fair: let us wait and see. The 2016 Service Year report was available last January in the 2017 Yearbook.

    Edited to add:

    Even so, in the very first year that sees no Yearbook - 2018 - it also makes sense for JW organization to re-visit how much it reports from the annual service year report. After all, the organization would know that ex-JWs and others have gotten a lot of negative "mileage" from combing through the annual reports and highlighting the more "interesting" features that indicate that growth in the organization has slowed down and, in specific lands, in decline. For example, JWfacts.com has produced some very compelling data on the state of growth in JW organization - based on the organization's own data. Ouch!

    Those of us raised to expect a Yearbook and an annual service report will now be able to say, "Remember when....?"

  • ttdtt

    7,200 hrs for every new person baptized.
    That is = to 900 full (8hr) working days.
    Or 180 full work weeks.
    Or about 3 1/2 full years of a full-time job.

    Man doG has a horrible offering.
    You would think his deal would be easy to accept.

  • Alfred

    Does anyone have a pdf of this letter?

  • alanv
  • slimboyfat

    "Significant features" - slimy weasels.

    If this letter is to be read to congregations in the week of January 1st, then I guess that means they plan to publish "significant features" of the service report even later than that.

  • berrygerry

    The 2018 Yearbook will be the last one.

    I would expect the normal full report.

  • slimboyfat

    No, 2017 was the last yearbook.

  • Lostandfound

    Quote from their letter Much has also been accomplished in regard to Kingdom Hall usage in the United States branch territory. Twenty branch planning meetings were held with bodies of elders in metropolitan areas affecting over 2,200 congregations. Implementing non-construction solutions such as merging or relocating congregations has reduced the need for new auditoriums in these areas from 41 to 19, with a potential savings of millions of dollars!

    And where has that saving gone, how about receipts from KHs stolen and Sold Off due to consolidation. Non-construction solutions, now theres a new phrase to make you laugh. How about Non Preaching solutions, or Non-meeting solutions, or even Non branch office solutions and already, Non printing solutions. But always there was Non Caring Solutions. Awfully near the Final Solution phrase, have they no shame ?

  • berrygerry
    2017 was the last yearbook

    Damn. I Ć„hought there was one more kick at the can.

    That must have been planned nearly a year ago.

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