2017 Service Year Report Grand Totals

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  • Drearyweather

    2017 Figures released to Bethel families worldwide:

    Peak Publishers: 8,457,107

    Total Baptized: 284,212

    Regular Pioneers: 1,225,279

    Memorial Attendance: 20,175,477

    Hours: 2,046,000,202

  • stan livedeath
    stan livedeath

    thats a hell of a high percentage of pioneers. how many are living on benefits ?

    how do these figures compare with last year ?

  • Gorbatchov

    What i see here in Holland is a growth of pioneers.

    Strange, this fighting against decline.

    Elders and MS with their family seems to be under presure to pioneer.

    And many think they live in the last days.


  • alanv

    Peak publishers show a 1.4% increase which is down slightly from last year. Memorial attendance is down at 0.5%. The hours these days are just stupid figures. Many of those hours are from witnesses sitting somewhere near their carts playing with their phones lol

    Baptisms show a big increase of 7%. Maybe its mainly witness kids, after the big push this year for younger ones to get dipped. Regular pioneers are also up 7% The important figure is the average publishers, which we haven't seen yet.

  • slimboyfat

    Also interested to know number branches, if down from 89 last year.

    Given the peak figure, it's difficult to see how there could be a decrease in average publishers this year.

    I am amazed that JWs are still increasing to be honest.

    But the figure I am most interested in is number of congregations.

    I'm also amazed that more and more JWs are becoming pioneers. It tends to undermine the idea that JWs are becoming increasingly skeptical. Unless there is a bifurcation taking place between JW skeptics on the periphery and hardcore JWs who are becoming more committed.

    Morris promised the figures would be published on the website "as soon as they are available".

  • alanv

    slimboy, pioneering is so much easier these days. The carts make it so easy to count time. Also in the 1970s regular pioneers needed 100 hours a month. These days I believe it is just 70.

    Watchtower said in this report, the following

    Significant features of the service year report will soon be available on jw.org and in JW Library, Watchtower ONLINE LIBRARY, and Watchtower Library.

    Looks to me that we wont be seeing the complete report of each country that we have had in the past.

  • slimboyfat

    I know it's easier, but the increase is over last year, when the same conditions pertained. And to be honest, I would have thought pioneering would be boring these days, standing around doing nothing much of the time, accomplishing nothing much, encountering nobody interesting except maybe a couple of angry apostates, if you're lucky. And pioneer numbers have been increasing for decades now. It has to reach a limit at some point.

  • Drearyweather
    Memorial attendance is down at 0.5%

    Memorial attendance has increased by 0.5%

    Last year it was 20,085,142 while 2017 is 20,175,477

  • alanv

    I actually meant the memorial figure was not as high an increase as the year before.

    2015 19,862,783

    2016 20,085,142

    That is a 1.1% increase

    2017 20,175,477

    0.5% Increase

  • slimboyfat

    Most churches are declining and would be more than happy with a "smaller increase than last year".

    Methodists in Scotland for example decreased by 6% last year and Church of Scotland by 5%. Those are the sorts of figures that cause real panic in some churches, because if they continue there will be no church within a couple of decades.

    A "smaller increase than last year" for JWs is hardly something they will worry about.

    I am surprised. I expected them to decrease this year.

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