Christianity promotes a helpless victim mentality...

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    Little Toe

    "And Jehovah proceeded to deal a blow to the child that the wife of Uriah had borne to David so that it took sick." (2 Samuel 12:15) So according the the Bible, the God of Love executed an innocent child plus let it suffer for 7 days before it died. Surely you knew Jehovah did this and it wasn't just David's perception, no?

    "And David began to comfort Bathsheba his wife. Further, he came in to her and lay down with her. In time she bore a son, and his name came to be called Solomon. And Jehovah himself did love him." (2 Samuel 12:24) So Jehovah now loved the the second son for some reason, probably because he was to become a murderer himself. (2 Kings 2) Of course, it was ok that this murderer could author a signifcant portion of the inspired scriptures. If murderers like David and Solomon are the best Jehovah can find to inspire to write the Bible then I question why anyone would read it.

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    Malt - hmm - as long as you don't mind me passing it through some copper apparatus and leaving it for 18 years (using the day for a year "principle[tm]" that's a figurative 18 days), I'm game

    As I stated earlier in the thread (or was it another one??) my understanding is that God loves us. It is US who choose to reject him.
    IMHO God tries to reconcile us till our dying breath.

    That would be according to a recorded private conversation held between Nathan and David, right? The books of Samuel, Kings and Chronicles were also compiled books (possibly compiled by Zabud, Jeremiah and Ezra, respectively).

    If you want to take it at face value, I can only suggest the "life for a life" law, that David was working under. That was the contract that the Israelites had with God, during Old Testament times.

    Ya know, David and Solomon were just as bad than us, yet God even accepted them. Doesn't that say something about life being little to do with actual works?

    The Old Testament pointed to the Messiah, the New Testament explained him. The result was a change from a contract of law to a contract of grace (freely given love).

    IMHO the "law" surely promoted more of a helpless victim mentality than "grace". They had an annual sacrifice, just for starters. In the Christian ethos the sacrifice was made about 2000 years ago, and never has to be repeated. The law was bondage, grace was freedom.

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    I don't mean to argue but I guess we just disagree. Your points are confusing to me because if it was just a "recorded private conversation" then all scripture is NOT inspired and the Bible is not God's word. Either it is or it isn't. Either God murdered an innocent child or that scripture isn't inspired. If "a life for a life" makes sense, then why take the life of an innocent child for the sins of his parents? It's just unreasonable and wrong. I gladly reject any god who would kill an innocent child for the sins of others as an unworthy god, certainly not one who loves me or anybody else.

    David and Solomon were MUCH worse than me, not just as bad, being murderers. While I have a hard time with a God who would accept the repentance of a deliberate murderer, to use such a murderer to write holy scriptures is unfathomable. It takes faith.............because it is unreasonable and makes no sense. Something that is reasonable and provable takes no faith since it can be proven by testing.

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    Did you read my earlier post (I believe in this thread), in reply to Bradley, about the bible? I know it's a long thread, but it's not far back - probably page 5 or 6.
    Regardless of how you view the written word, my argument is that the living Word is of far greater import.

    As for murder being worse than say adultery, I don't see a biblical warrant for that stance. The payback was the same under the law. The title was "sin".

    Btw, sorry if any of this is feeling argumentative, or getting your dander up. That's not my intent. I'm only expressing an opinion, and one which continues to evolve, at that. The God that I hold in esteem is neither meanspirited nor unjust.

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    Little Toe you're full of shit. But I like you nonetheless.


  • LittleToe

    <== ~returns from washroom~

    Yup - so are you and it's your turn. Might wanna open a window first

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    It's all about "THE CARROT".

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    No, it wasn't drink induced - no diced carrots in there
    Just carrots and sticks...

  • DannyBear

    I just finished reading every word of this thread...........Iam to worn out to reply, but I did learn one important fact about being "Christ like";

    ****An artist Christian couple I hang out with told me I was more "Christ like" in their eyes than most Christians they knew. That was of coarse after the forth or fifth drink. I'm a nice person and treat people fairly and keep a very open mind. I don't see anything "Christ like" in that but they were buying the drinks, who was I to argue.****

    So be open minded, treat people nice, and Christian's will buy ya a for me.

    Danny who will be trying to be "Christ like" every Friday nite.


  • gumby
    So be open minded, treat people nice, and Christian's will buy ya a for me.

    I think your right.

    When Jesus was treated nice, he turned the water into wine and gave drinks on the whole damn house.

    Next friday I'm going to a bar and ask who there is a christian and I'm going to kiss their arse like nobodys buisness and see what happens. This better work Dannybear.


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