Coming out of the closet/Blowing my cover/My story and I'm sticking to it!

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    Helloooooooo Panda: You've got a good point there about writing a letter of DA...I do think that might put a final "nail in the coffin" so to speak. My husband really discourages me in this because his mother (89) is still a JW and has a heart condition and he thinks that it could adversely affect her health if I did know, the SHAME of it all (and yet being a JW can't be so great for her health either). I do think that at some point I will finally DA myself...that is if they don't DF me first. My last letter to the "Depends Club" in New York was pretty nasty and who knows what they might do with that??? Oh dear...what's a girl to do?

    Onacruse...Helloooooooo to you...I keep hearing this point about hanging on to that old literature and I think it is a valid point. Maybe this fall when it cools off I'll venture out into out shed (that place really scares the heck out of me; even without all that watchtower literature in there)...and sort through some of it and put it in some garbage barrels to protect it from vermin and eight legged creatures. My husband is actually the one who wanted to keep it...but we will think on what you said about perhaps "donating" it to a good anti-JW cause! Thanks for the suggestions!

    Greetings Rayzorblade...we love Canada...we don't get up there very often; and only across the Minnesota border...but it is so beautiful up there! Thank you for your response to my posting

    Hi Jesika! It really is nice to have a new family, so to speak, here at this website. It pains me to hear of all the damage done to people by the org...but it also has given me hope that you can recover and live life like you've never known you could! It is an ongoing process though. Some days I find myself still angry; other days I do my happy dance for being free! When I first came to this site it would only get me riled up and mad all over again; and then gradually I realized that it was just a huge support group with super people and it was so much cheaper than having a psychiatrist...hahaha!! Nice to meet you too!! Cathy L.

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