Coming out of the closet/Blowing my cover/My story and I'm sticking to it!

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  • HadEnuf

    Dear Garnet:

    Gee horrible for you and your boyfriend/now husband. This lack of love is what has most bothered me in all of what has happened regarding the wedding. And from many of the responses here, I can see that weddings are a point of contention for many when it involves unbaptized, studying persons, etc. But the society is not going to change their unscriptural attitudes, not enough humility to do that; and more people involved in the org. will suffer at their hands. But as stated before; the dirt they do hopefully will open more and more eyes and many will leave the org. behind as the devious cult it really is.

    I am sorry that your husband has to continue going through surgery to repair damages from his accident. How typical that the elders first think the worst about someone before knowing all the facts about the situation (accusing him of drunk driving). Shame on them. I hope he continues to improve over time.

    Keep your chin up! (In my case it is my double chin I have to keep up!) Cathy L.

  • kls

    Cathy i am also from wisc. And have relatives in plover.I have been there many times.Congradulations on your familys wake up.It makes me very happy when someone is involved in a cult and by their OWN MINDS find they are being minipulated by a cult.Welcome to real life. Kathy

  • Prudence

    Welcome HadEnuf!

  • HadEnuf

    Thank you for your welcomes Prudence and kls. So are a fellow wissssssssssconsinite. Yup...good old Plover. Were you a witness when you visited? Are your relatives witnesses? Or maybe you never have been a witness at all? Just me being nosy. Don't need to name names, or you can message me.'s good to be out after so many years. My husband and I still can't believe that as relatively intelligent people (well, guess that may be debatable since we were witnesses after all) that we could have been involved in a cult for so long. I think a lot of it has to do with being raised a witness...kind of like that frog story where the frog is in a kettle of water and the water is gradually heated up and the frog doesn't realize it until zippo...he's a goner...just boiled himself to death without realizing it! (sorry, I'm just so addicted to those smiley things). Cathy L.

  • Kenneson


    What a fascinating story! This has been a great thread. More and more people like you are taking the leap and "blowing their cover." Guaranteed freedom and happiness to follow. A'int going to let no cult keep us down!

    Claude Kenneson

  • HadEnuf

    Hey there Claude! Thanks for the took me a while to take the plunge; but after a while you feel like you just aren't being honest with yourself by not just "outing" yourself. I have wavered back and forth about dissasociating myself (spelling?)...but why should I bother with that? That would be following their rules again just like I have for most of my life. AND where in the heck is that stuff in the bible?

    You betcha..."Ain't no cult gonna keep us down"! Hmmmmmmmm...maybe we should put those lyrics to a song? We could have our own anti-witness songbook! Cathy L.

  • Panda

    Cathy L, My husband just faded away, and guess what, he's the one the jws try to contact! I wrote a DA letter because I had previously written a letter to the Catholic church telling them I was resigning, so why not write one to the jws? for me it was cathartic. Fading is good and worked fine for Nick, but that letter set me freer I guess because I wrote it and knew they'd have to keep it. Therese aka PANDA

  • onacruse


    We have watchtowers going back to the early 1900's (or maybe even earlier)

    Please retrieve that stuff ASAP! Two reasons:

    1) It's worth serious money, especially if in good condition;

    2) There are pro bono projects that could very likely make good use of that lit, if you cared to donate it to a good cause

    Please feel free to contact me if you like ([email protected])



    ((Cathy/Hadenuf)) - what a great post.

    I'm very PROUD of you, in fact, I'm beaming....

    What is it with these Wisconsin folks?

    Just downright, strong, determined and not looking back.

    So glad you are here.

    Thanks for your post, I thoroughly enjoyed it.

    Your Canuck admirer: Rayzorblade.

  • Jesika


    Wow girl!!! I am glad you are now truely living your life.........feels so good after you grieve the loss of your belief system and get through the anger you feel at first.

    I am glad you have decided to share and glad you found this place!!!

    It is very nice to meet you........................but you have us for a family now.............peace and love to your family and welcome to ours!!!



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