Coming out of the closet/Blowing my cover/My story and I'm sticking to it!

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  • Garnet

    Cathy & Candle,

    Thanks for sharing your stories, they were touching and most of us can relate. I am glad that you could escape "from the closet" Cathy, I am still fading and am not ready to reveal myself. Don't know what I am afraid of...never had too many friends in the org. Was blackballed when I started studying...I was the "unbeliver". My husband and I dated "secretly" for 4 years. He was always spoken too about dating me, or even being friends with me because since I was not baptized (at the time, he was not either) I was considered a stumbling block for him. We were not even allowed to sit next to each other at the meetings while other couples who were baptized could hang all over each other. People did come to our wedding, but we havent spoken to them since, they got their free meal and that was enough for them I guess. It's funny, when my husband was almost killed by a drunk driver, I was laid off at the time so I would take care of him (he could barely move for 1 month), they accused us of sleeping together....not for nothing but his health was #1 on my mind...Just another example of people accusing others of wrong doing then judging them for it... I thought it said in scripture "thou shall not judge, or you shall be judged first"

    All out there with similar experiences, hang in there, keep your head up, and never give up :)

    With Lots of Love


  • Panda

    Welcome, Cathy Laszewski

    Your story and others like it are the bits of life that will help us all remember what the WTS has done to so many. Recently some friends who are still "in" (but talk to me anyway ---go figure) went through this same wedding fiasco. The grandmother of the bride told the elders that the engaged couple were dating w/o a chaperone. HORRORS. Well you know the rest... Total at their wedding SIX, 8 if you count the bride and groom. (they ended up getting married on a cruise ship so the families wouldn't ruin the day for them).

    My husband and I were reg. pioneers in EauClaire WI from 1978 to 1983 (well only reg.pio for 2 years) I've been free since my 1997 letter of DA'ing, but hubby has faded (which is just fine with me).

    Again Welcome, Panda aka Therese Pantazakos

  • acsot

    Welcome and what a great read, though unfortunately you had to have such shi&&y experiences in order to be able to relate it to us.

    As many others have said, I have no problem believing your experiences at the hands of those autocratic, unloving automatons known in JW-land as "elders". What a travesty of anything spiritual.

    Anyway, very glad you're here!!

  • Elsewhere

    Don't you know that you could have avoided all of that fuss and trouble if you simply obeyed the direction of the organization and the elders? Yet you persisted in your independent thinking and exhibited a rebellious attitude that is not proper in Jehovah's Organization.

    Congratulations and Welcome!!!

  • HadEnuf

    Yes...I am truly overcome by so much GENUINE caring here. Thank you all so much for your encouraging words and stories. Candlestick02...I am so happy for you that you found a good man and are happy. I look back at all the baptized couples who had huge, over-the-top weddings overseen by elders (who can turn down an open bar and all the Point beer you can drink?)...most of them I know, from being my son's friends, having been "naughty" before they were married and their marriages are either just barely holding together or they're already divorced. Such a double standard. AND...please, would someone tell me how a person can grown up as a JW; stick up for their beliefs all through school, go out in service, attend meetings, answer, etc. etc. etc. and not be a BELIEVER???? Where in the world did the Most Faithful and Wonderful DIScreet slave come up with that one? Anyone who has one eye can read and see that the bible clearly and plainly shows that someone BELIEVED and then they were baptized! How can you preach and not believe what you're preaching? Duh, duh and double duh. jeeeeeeeeeeeshhh...there goes my blood pressure again. But anyway...good for you Candlestick02.

    Garnet...what a sad story of abuse. Where are the loving brothers and sisters when you need them the most? Your boyfriend almost killed by a drunk driver and sounds like they hopped over to walk by you on the other side of the road aka the Good Samaritan illustration. JW's certainly do not mimic the good samaritan do they? They just jump over the body in their rush to get to the next not at home.

    Panda...EauClaire, WI huh? Again...a small world. Did you know Robert (Bob) and Luann Snyder who lived not far from there? They are related to us through marriage. Just wondering.

    You have all just MADE MY DAY! Cathy L.

  • refiners fire
    refiners fire

    Yeah, they have to ruin everything. They ruined my old mans funeral. Dear old Ma insisted on having it at the hall and everyone scrupulously avoided me because i was DF, parting like a wave around me as they shuffled forward to console the family. It was a real comfort to me. Not.

  • LeslieV

    Dear Cathy and Candle;

    Thank you for trusting all of us enough to tell us your stories. Welcome to the apostate world. What is amazing is THIS is where you find love and support NOT those in the religion that tell you that they have love. Hope both of you stay around and tell us more of your stories.


  • Tinkerbell4125

    Hadenuf, You go girl!!!!!!

    YOU ARE SO FUNNY!!! I just loved your exceptance speech!!!

    Thank you so much for sharing your story! As you can see, your story has alot in common with many here *including myself* So glad to see someone come out and not be afraid. I knew I was doing the right thing when I left the borg., and I had to be true to myself. *even at the risk of losing my family, which I did. We can only hope that one day our families will leave also!

    Freedom is sweet.


  • drwtsn32

    Candlestick02: Thanks for sharing your story too! Why do I continue to get surprised by the behavior of the "loving shepherds" in the congregation? I'm sorry that you had to go through what you did.... but glad that you are now free of the WTS tyranny.

    Hope to see more of your posts in the future!

  • shotgun

    Thanks Cathy I like stories with a happy ending.

    I hope the rest of your immediate family takes the plunge with you soon.

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