Leaked Elder's Video: How to deal with a suicidal sister

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  • sparrowdown

    And just think of all the ignorant f-wit elders who would actually believe this propoganda bs video to be how things go down.

    Problem - suicidal sister.

    Solution - share a scripture and some cookies.

    Result - the elders can go back to ignoring her.

    Yeah, that's how it works you delusional fools.

  • brandnew

    Sparrow pretty much has that right. Yeah...

    Mad Puppy

  • Makemeanunbeliever
    Drama here, drama there, drama everywhere. Were all works in progress are we not?

    "Works in progress"?!?!?? You said we were deviants. Are you retracting that statement??


  • life is to short
    life is to short

    Yep that was how they dealt with me when I was so depressed that all I could think of was suicide. Pray more and take pedophiles out in service with you.

    Seriously that is how they dealt with me, just pray more and go out in service more. This video just makes me crazy.


  • kaik

    Drama here, drama there, drama everywhere. Were all works in progress are we not?

    This is one the most sociopathic remark on this discussion. Here are people debating such grave issue, such as suicide, which touched many people personally. In my time in KH, I knew wonderful, loving sister, who was also close family friend for decades, who committed suicide. This is a drama and tragedy. Considering that this nice lady had one unsuccessful suicide attempt, elders in the KH should at least have a courtesy and provide true missionary work and channel her through mental facility. After her attempt, she was wheelchair bound and except me and my mom, nobody from my KH even bothered to visit her. So, any progress you should be concerned, is only yours, because there is a lot of things that needs be done.

  • Esse quam videri
    Esse quam videri

    Mary - " I've even had thoughts of turning the car on in the garage and going to sleep inside. "

    Elder #1 - Now, now Mary. Please don't even think that way. It's such a beautiful day outside. Why not get out and enjoy it. Maybe take the car down to the park.

    Elder #2 - Yes, Mary, you should do that. Joan and myself like to go to River Park. They even have a nice, new bridge over the river. Why not drive down in your car and park. You could walk out onto the new bridge and enjoy the view of the water down below. It will be a real comfort to you.

    Elder #1 - Excellent idea Brother.

  • Aprostate Exam
    Aprostate Exam
    Sham pseudo psychology! Even as a professional in the psychology field, I feel like slapping the shit out of these idiots! You know they must be getting and enjoying the fame in their little congregations. Just like many brothers I knew, they lack in empathy and sympathy. These janitors and garbage men are dealing with real emotions while wearing a damn smile. (No offense to people in these jobs that are truly humble, genuine, and dedicated).
  • clarity

    Those ignorant elders did me a favour .... the unbelievable cruel way I was treated helped me right out the door!

    Two elders showed up ,and I said that I just could not go on anymore & burst into tears. I was told to read the daily text & wait on J. I should be content to be alone. Truly they had no real answers or comfort to give! They were laughing as they went out the door, leaving me still in tears. (I do not normally cry)

  • jhine
    The fundamental flaw from the start is the fact of two men going to see a depressed , suicidal and vulnerable woman . As someone has said it would be good for the comforter to sit next to her , hold her hand , put an arm around her . Just as a start , then of course she needs advising to seek professional help , but on that initial visit she needed to feel the love and empathy of another human being . Also men , even bereaved men cannot understand what it is like for a woman to have been left on her own . l'm not saying that it is worse for a woman , just different . The elders should , even if they felt that two needed to go , have taken a sister with them . Though for the life of me l cannot see why one elder and one sister couldn't have visited . So apart from all the other glaring faults that l think was the fundamental first mistake . Jan

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