Leaked Elder's Video: How to deal with a suicidal sister

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  • jhine

    Well done Orphan Crow , and thanks for confirming my suspicions .


  • OrphanCrow

    You are welcome, Jhine.

    For anyone who is faced with having to deal with someone who is suicidal, here is some good advice:


    note this little item:

    do not allow untrained individuals to act as the only couselors to the individual

    Having a "Bibble trained conscience" does not qualify someone to be a suicide prevention counsellor.

  • atomant
    Might be a good idea to distribute this video to as many people as possible.IT might even go viral.
  • LoveUniHateExams

    This woman represents someone that needs professional counseling, not chatting with janitors about Job and other 'integrity-keepers'.

    No mention from the elders that professional counseling is absolutely fine?

    Apparently not ...

  • sparrowdown

    I have a friend who is a counselor with years of experience who works in a dedicated sexual assault clinic. She was shocked when I told her that JW Elders have zero qualifications, zero secular training on child sexual abuse.

    Many people (men and women) who were abused as children especially if the abuse was never dealt with properly and sensitively end up suicidal and in her clinic as adults. She has dealt with many JWs and she knows I used to be one so she will ask for my opinion at times to gain some more insight into her JW clients particular difficulties. I am only to happy to get her whatever info she needs.

    The professionals left to deal with the mess JW elders leave behind are often working blind because JWs as a group are very secretive and protective of the group.

  • Thirteenth tribe
    Thirteenth tribe

    They wouldn't want to promote professional help on any level it would help sober the person up , instead they tell you how you should feel, what's acceptable to feel. Most of these elders need flippin support workers/careers they can't even string a sentence together, in fact they probably mime the words to these ridiculous videos that are playing in the room whilst counselling a 'depressed one' 💩

    "Stick to the script ! duhhh I don't know any new words, we didn't learn anymore videos for this one yet"! 😩

  • jhine
    I thought that l might post the gist of a conversation l have just had with a ( female ) member of our Pastoral Care Team. I hope that it will interest and reassure people .
    Firstly l should explain that pastoral visits are not just for members of the church .Any member of our parish of any faith or non can request a visit if they have something they want to talk about and or get help with. The team receive training ( no eye rolling just yet please ! ) lt does happen that people who are not church friendly sometimes reach out to their local church in times of real stress .
    I asked the lady about the situation of someone expressing suicidal thoughts . BTW l hadn't mentioned " that " video yet . Her immediate reaction was " Oh we are told that any situation that goes beyond the scope of our training must be refered to an appropriate agency . So in that situation we would strongly advise the person to contact the Samaritans "
    The person would not be given advice and abandoned but that would be the priority . So please do not think that other denominations are so remiss in their care of people who clearly need professional help . l hope that this allays any fears , that all religious nuts are so uncaring and plain sloppy in their approach .
    Edited to add when l explained my reason for asking she did a lot of eye rolling and head shaking in disbelief !
  • AudeSapere

    I just stumbled on a link to the full-length (just under 15minutes) video:


  • GrreatTeacher

    If you maintain that you can only take care of people's spiritual needs as shepherds, then you can't agree to meet with people who have mental, physical or other needs that they expect the elders' help with.

    So, they either need to refuse to meet people with these problems OR refer to other sources of help after explaining they have no expertise in that area.

    They do neither, so that leaves them very culpable, indeed.

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