Leaked Elder's Video: How to deal with a suicidal sister

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  • stuckinarut2


    To any elders or GB helpers monitoring this site, HOW CAN YOU LIVE WITH SUCH NEGLIENCE ON YOUR HANDS.???!!

    Sick pricks.....

  • Vidiot

    I'm telling you guys, all they want is hard-core loyalist True Believers.

    Every f**king thing they say or do can't help but further alienate any rank-and-filers with half a brain.

  • pandorasbox1914

    That elder with his supercilious grin on his face, is as many others have stated, downright creepy. If he was genuinely concerned for this woman his facial reactions would have indicated this. Her story should have ripped his heart out, instead he was enjoying his Andy Warhol, 15 minutes of fame.

    Sickening, especially the part at the end!

  • FadeToBlack

    I tried to watch it. Couldn't get past the point where they show up at her house. I almost bailed out before that when they were talking to her at the hall. If I was still going to meetings and saw that at the hall, I would probably shoot straight thru the ceiling into outerspace.

    I am seriously considering 'reviewing' this with my wife after they cover it during the CLAM. There are some other things going on in her hall at the moment that might prove useful.

  • Pistoff

    This is what happens when the main requirement for advancement is adherence to current rules, and intolerance for independent and critical thinking.

    I remember being outraged by these videos when I first saw them; the videos are 100% wrong, 100% unrealistic and dangerous.

    They are dangerous for elders who now think that this is the way to treat suicidal people.

    They are dangerous for depressed people inside the kingdom hall; these videos give them the impression that suicidal thoughts are wild and irrational, heaping yet more guilt and shame upon them.

    They are dangerous for people with mental health issues; encouraging them to chant is a very unhealthy idea.

    The Watchtower doesn't care if they help people who are suicidally depressed or who have mental health issues; they probably don't contribute money or time anyway, right?

    in a kingdom hall that I used to go to, there were three suicides within 10 years; one woman hung herself, one brother turned the car on in the garage, and one sister put the barrel of a shotgun in her mouth and pulled the trigger with her toe.

    At a meeting not six months later, one of the elders said that we don't grieve like worldly people; he imitated crying like a baby and said no, we don't do that; we have the resurrection hope.

    The dead woman's daughter was sobbing after the meeting.

    The thing is, most everyone here has had their emotional sense sharpened since they left the watchtower, and these videos shock our sensibilities.

    To those people still in, this video is viewed as spiritual food at the proper time for it.

  • Phaedra

    Interesting that they finally saw the need for this "training".

    People living impossible lives will eventually crack.

    About two years ago the elders were at my home for a JW family member in suicidal distress. One of the two elder's excused himself to take a phone call in private and I figured he was consulting with headquarters on direction. I watched with interest how they'd handle it. They pretty much ignored me, the inactive one.

    They read a few scriptures and referred the family member to a local charity organization for a mental health check-up. To their credit, they did offer the family member emotional support and didn't leave until they were convinced they'd be ok.

    The happiest people in the world. Riiiiiight.

    It must be a pretty pervasive issue if they need to put out training videos.

    Too bad they won't acknowledge their own fantasy world and empty promises as a huge part of the problem, especially to disappointed born-ins who bought into it all for decades of their lives.

  • JW GoneBad
    JW GoneBad

    Upcoming 'CLAM' March 21-27 part: 'Use Insight When Comforting Others'...more specifically 'How To Deal With A Suicidal Sister'!

    Modern day Jehovah's Witnesses suffering from severe depression...the effects of another day in JW paradise that has been put on hold!

  • jhine
    Am l reading too much into this ? I have just been thinking why a suicidal sister ? I know that they had to choose between a man or a woman and maybe would have chosen either , but are they implying that women are mentally more unstable ? The title of the video could have been " Dealing With A Suicidal Brother Or Sister " and suggest that the method be used in any situation regardless of the sex of the poor person being " helped "Pistoff Are JWs really discouraged from crying and mourning after a bereavement ? That is unnatural and storing up trouble for later . Jan
  • atomant
    Someone should send a copy of these posts to the GB and tell em to stick this video up their cracks where the sun dont shine.
  • OrphanCrow

    At the end of the video, I couldn't figure out if that creepy elder was thanking Jehovah for the magical recovery of a suicidal sister or if he was really happy that he was getting cookies.

    I rarely watch WT propaganda but I did watch this video. Very, very disturbing. So disturbing in fact, that two suicide prevention organizations now have a copy of that video in their inbox.

    I sent an email and the video to:

    Canadian Association for Suicide Prevention

    World Health Organization - Suicide Prevention

    I think that the rest of the world needs to know how dangerous the JW cult is for people with mental health problems. I don't know if my emails will be considered, but maybe both organizations (and other suicide prevention associations) need to be flooded with emails from concerned people.

    jhine: I know that they had to choose between a man or a woman and maybe would have chosen either , but are they implying that women are mentally more unstable ?

    Of course it was deliberate. The woman is always cast as the victim - that way, the men get to look like wonderful exemplary men who are without blemish. Ugh...it made me ill to watch the elders go inside that single woman's home and sit there while she was alone. Ugh. Never in a million years would I want that to happen to me.*

    *actually, it did happen to me. When I was thirteen years old - two elders muscled their way into my house when I was alone. It pissed me off then and nothing has changed - it still pisses me off.

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