Finally heard a Dub defend overlapping generations

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  • Socrateswannabe
    Interesting observations, everyone!
  • Diogenesister
    I know this is really petty, but I absolutely hate the way Splane says the word "food"....spiritual foooooood. YUK
  • sparky1
    The Jehovah's Witness model of 'overlapping generations' is a direct 'rip off' of Overlapping Generations Economic Theory. Much like their founder Pastor Russell, the Governing Body(tm) of today borrows (steals) other peoples ideas and then takes credit for them as 'new light'.
  • Finkelstein

    I'm starting to think that maybe the GB is not as clueless as I once thought.

    They had to make up something to wash over or try to explain why nothing has happened generalization wise from or since 1914. Their captivated delusional adherents were starting to press questions about that fact.

    So they worked up a explainable scheme as an answer to that posing query..

    Only problem is it wasn't Jesus's scheme, not his words either and not written in the bible, it was exclusively their own words.

    Ironically back when the WTS. first proclaimed and taught that Jesus took his positional throne in 1874 and Armageddon was most likely to occur 1914, the head of the WTS. C T Russell fumbled around to come up with an explanation for his wrongly devised proclamation or doctrine.

    This is the reason why the WTS is a false prophet in description by the very words in the bible and the words of Jesus Christ himself .

    JWS are essentially witnesses for the Watchtower Publishing house, not true witnesses of Christ or either chosen so by God.

  • Anator
    Yes, when I asked a jdub when Jesus said 'This Generation' did he mean the 2nd overlap generation? Because he clearly states that 'This Generation will NOT pass away'. The first did pass away. Becasue if you are meaning both generations mean 'ONE' then his statement does not make sense due to the very fact that the first generation did pass away. Always stops them dead in their tracks.
  • freemindfade

    You should have asked her to explain it to you then

  • prologos

    the sister could not possibly have understood it. Even the wording. There are not two generations overlapping, but 2 groups in one generation. (wt double talk). Then, wt also teaches that the generation WILL pass away, not like"jesus" said will NOT*** pass away.

    ***wt teaches that the anointed will be all gone from the Earth before he destruction. "jesus" said they would survive, (or not pass away)- and did!, - in the primary fullfillment, Jerusalem 70 CE

  • Londo111

    Not too long after I awakened, I remembered a JW woman mentioning how she enjoyed listening to the new “Kingdom Melodies”. I was honest and said I really did not enjoy them. She said she felt that way at first, but she really took time to focus on listening to them, and eventually she found she loved them.

    Of course, nobody can say out loud, “This music sucks!” After all, it is a “provision of Jehovah”, so how can it? There is only one right answer. I think sometimes when someone concentrates on something hard enough, they can find a way to like it.

    I remember as an indoctrinated JW being the one giving comments on paragraphs like the 1290 days, or Ezekiel’s Temple Vision being from 1919 forward, ect, ect. Afterward JWs would come up to me and say, “I’m glad you are smart enough to understand that. This stuff just goes over my head.”

    Now I realize that the mind tends to reject nonsense. They were the smart ones for not littering their minds with junk, while I was dumb enough to commit it to memory and regurgitate it in my own words.

  • Beth Sarim
    Beth Sarim
    This ''generation teaching'' is like trying to explain the colour green to a blind person.
  • macys
    Thanks for this! It brightens my day for sure to hear this. And I will be asking about this at my next bible study! LOL

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