The Fine Art of Kissing

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  • xenawarrior
    Valis doesn't do thread about kissing Thunder in GreenBay

    Was the tongue involved? What body part(s) were used in the making of this kiss? Was Dismdale the dowry?

    Inquiring minds want to know .
    . . . .

    Aww Big Tex- everyone knows that it would be really tacky and low for Valis to post about it knowing that Thunder is totally involved with someone else who posts on this board.

  • riz

    yeah. what xw said. (((((((((((arrowstar)))))))))))))

  • COMF

    Ah, kisses! Life is good! My most memorable kiss? They're ALL memorable! (Just do what's necessary to make 'em that way, folks)

    Mmm, yes... yes, I do remember... mmm.

  • Big Tex
    Big Tex

    Valis is very honorable. Thunder should be pleased that he doesn't kiss and tell.

  • Valis

    Eh Big T...A.K.A. "Palm Pilot"...don't make me...*LOL*

    kissing varies...from biting and kissing at the same time to tender ones on the forehead or boisterous ones between friends...I like them all....


    District Overbeer of the "If I told You I'd Have To Kiss You Class" class

  • arrowstar

    I gotta tell ya....I'm feelin' the love here ...

    Arrowstar of the life is good class

  • joannadandy

    I love kissing--kissing until your lips are puffy and tingly is always the best!!

    I love changing things up--long passionate ones that you swear will cause you to faint, to the short little pecks that just lightly brush against each others lips--being in control to totally surrendering's all good!

    I dunno if I am a good kisser or not--I would hope I am. I actually still get all nervous about that when I am going to kiss someone for the first time. It's a mental check list.

    • Teeth brushed?
    • Nasty garlic breath?
    • Overly wet?
    • Too dry?
    • Properly glossed?
    • Tongue or no tongue?
    • Save the teeth for later?
    • How long should I hold it?
    • What if we smash noses?
    • Are my lips fluffy enough?
    • Are his lips fluffy enough?
    • Is giggling rude?
    • If we bump teeth can I sue?
    • What if I can't breath?
    • What if I have to burp? OH GOD!!

    And then it usually happens, and you get tingles all over. I guess I have been lucky I have really only had a couple of bad kissers in my lifetime. Most of them have been pretty rockin.

    I have only had two kisses tho that made me forget where I was for a moment, and even who I was. Lucky for me the second one came from my honey I am with now--

    *looks around*--where did he get to? I have some kissing to catch up for!

  • Robdar

    Oh and I can still raise goosebumps on the missus with a good lip lock!

    Thunder, so that's the noise I've been hearing from that part of KC. Six, how many times has Thunder ridden Sheila so far this year?

    I love it when I can make my partners palms sweat during a passionate kiss. You know it's a good one when your breath is taken away, just for that split second. Those are the memorable ones.

    Beelzedub, care to share your technique with the forum? Sounds like it might be a good one! Hey, you and I are practically neighbors and I do need to do a little practicing.....

    It's kind of kissing a horse - I'll snort all over ya.

    LOLOL @ Rocketman....have you spoken to Country Girl? She loves those horsie kisses!

    Enjoying reading everyone's stories, but too shy to kiss and tell

    Ang, no need to be shy....step right up to the microphone and share with the congregation.

    Mmm, yes... yes, I do remember... mmm.

    mmm indeed, Comf!

    kissing varies...from biting and kissing at the same time to tender ones on the forehead or boisterous ones between friends...I like them all....

    biting and kissing? Valis, that's a new one on me. Sounds intriguing though.

    Lucky for me the second one came from my honey I am with now--

    Joanna, a good kisser sounds like a keeper. I hope you have fun but be careful of bruising your lips!


  • xenawarrior
    Mmm, yes... yes, I do remember... mmm.

    See Sixy- he does remember the kiss he shared with you !! There there, no need for those tears any longer! *hands sixy a hanky*

    And yes, Tex- Valis IS honorable and he's got alot of class !!

  • La Capra
    La Capra

    I was 16. I went with my friend, so she could go out with her boyfriend. Ringo Starr look alike went with his friend so his friend could go out my friend. Shortly after arriving at Corona Del Mar at dusk, Ringo and I found ourselves abandoned by the young lovers who headed off alone to make out. Ringo and I settled into the sand, to watch the sunset, and wait for the love birds. We talked for awhile, got to know each other, and at one point I realized my palms were sweaty and my heart was pounding. He must have been experiencing the same thing, because only seconds after I became aware of how much I wanted him to kiss me, his face leaned towards mine, our hands found appropriate positions, and our lips were touching in the sweetest, most sensual, promising kiss I had yet to experience in my short, innocent life. Perfect lips, the right amount of tongue, nibbling and hair tangling. A sweet pre-adult momen that I hope I never forget. And, hey, Ringo, if you are reading this, it's me "Melvina" (using code names even back then...) Shoshana

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