Elders now ORDERED by the Org to fleece the sheep

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  • Beth Sarim
    Beth Sarim

    So, here is my take. All these blind rank and file members trust and rely on these big Elders for information and teaching. They watch and listen to these big Elders every Sunday and a weeknight meeting, every week.

    This is what mind-boggles me. These same guys that the rank and file depend on for teaching and instruction knowingly are following such information since. Information about sending all money in the accounts but $5000.00, sending all excess money from the assemblies to the Borg.

    At the same time, the rank and file are just totally oblivious to it all and they depend on these guys. Priceless!!!!

  • Pete Zahut
    Pete Zahut

    To me there is a difference between "should" and "must" and this letter with it's "should do this and should do that" seems mild when compared to what we've seen happening in the recent past in terms of the taking of congregation bank accounts and selling of properties that were paid for by donations etc.

    What I do see however, is that in spite of the huge sums of money that has come to them recently via the sales of the Brooklyn properties, they are still pinching pennies (relatively speaking) when it comes to the comparatively small amounts of money generated at the congregation level. I mean how much do the need ? On top of the regular donations that are always coming in, they now have the equity from several multi million dollar properties that have sold. They are letting people go by the thousands, cutting back printing and cutting corners every possible way. Why do they still need to guilt little Sophia into giving them her ice cream money as well ?

    Part of me thinks they are wealthier than ever and the other part of me wonders why they are cutting back and being so watchful of the congregation funds. Were the Brooklyn properties mortgaged to the hilt and the equity in them already spent trying to keep afloat these past several years? How is one to know? I'm sure the flock is clueless as to what is really happening, financially speaking, with the organization they have built their lives around.

    It does appear that something serious is going on. I look forward to seeing how this all pans out and would love to know what is really going through the minds of the JW's I know.

  • elderINewton

    The real sad part of this is that

    1) The WT owns all the Circuits - these funds were only really used to support assemblies.

    2) The WT already imposed a tax on the use of assembly facilities in the US and Canada (not sure on UK or Europe) of 5-9/publisher per assembly day, above and beyond the use charge per publisher.

    Overall, this arrangement is really a nickle and dime way of ensuring that they get every penny faster. As an example most of us hear from the financial report that we started with $BB then had expenses leading up to assembly and assembly of $EX - the elder then decided to make a donation of $DN to the WT and we have received donations of $IN etc. leaving a defect of this assembly of $EB. (I have never heard a surplus)

    This always excludes the donations that come in after the assembly announcement, so this letter really says that we want those monies faster.

    Not rocket science, but it does say they have money issues. Its not big funds.

  • Beth Sarim
    Beth Sarim
    Maybe they are getting nervous about more Royal Commissions or something. Probably more Candace Conti like scenarios perhaps.
  • Quarterback
    I do agree much that the WT is out to grab every dime, and I think that they are desperate in doing this. The WT know very well just how much money is sitting in the various congregation accounts. They take this money because they can do it. Shame on us for thinking that our donations would be protected, and safe in a congregation acct But, this can only last so long. Eventually, and it is happening right now. Some of JW's are getting smarter with their contributions. There are many cong's that are missing their deadlines for the monthly pledges. Some have reviewed, and are reducing their monthly donations. Eventually this will happen at the Circuit level, nomatter what tricks the WT try to pull off. While some realisticly hold back, expect more sermons on giving. The more they cry for money, the more they exposed themselves.
  • prologos
    This is about fleecing the sheep closer to bare skin. There are vital ingredients, even placebos missing in the latter day wt diet, and the yield is diminishing. so: squeeze the shepherds too. many can afford it.
  • WireRider

    I never ever want to read "Watchtower" and "donations" in the same sentence EVER again. What do they do to help anyone? What do people just give them money?

    What is the purpose of the "Watchtower"?

    Why do so many stupid people just give them their money, their effort, their volunteered labor?


  • kookie

    GB choices their words wisely, should is guilt trip but not a demand must is a demand, they are very clever when asking for donations.

    They know how to fleece the flock without it looking like they are.

  • Mephis
    Not rocket science, but it does say they have money issues. Its not big funds.
    I pulled up the accounts for just two assembly halls I used to go to. £640,000 ($1m US) available, cash, in their accounts. Each year the surplus from them amounts to £150,000 ($225,000 US) which will now go straight to London rather than remain at circuit level. edit: ha, just looked for another one, and whilst they've not claimed a surplus for a while, they're still claiming £900,000 in cash at their bank account.

    One question I do have is whether this is just a paper exercise to prevent the funds being reclaimed from London HQ at a future date, and the money has already been spent by mother.

    It will pull in a few millions of pounds, and then the surplus which they never seem to own up to when they announce shortfalls from the platform. It's not much in comparison to the big Brooklyn sales, but then there's only 135,000 of them here and London Bethel typically operates on £30m a year.
  • stuckinarut2

    The big question is "WHAT exactly is the money being used for??!!??"

    And their standard line of "promoting and maintaining 'kingdom interests'" just DOESNT cover it.

    Where is the transparency??

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