Elders now ORDERED by the Org to fleece the sheep

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  • LisaRose
    Doesn't this simply fit the first-century model? That there be an equalizing out of the wealth? I mean, really, isn't the ploy that wealthy congregation be helping their less fortunate fellow-believers? What's actually wrong with that?

    What's wrong with it is that there is nothing voluntary about it. The elders present it to everyone as if it was their own idea, it's not mentioned to them that the society demands it. They could save it in case of a future deficit, use it to purchase supplies for future conventions or save it for future remodeling, but that is not an option, it's "send us the money". In other religions the congregation decides how to spend every penny, they have control, in this religion there is no decision making at the local level, just the illusion of such. Everyone knows if mother asks it's not a request.

  • sparky1
  • flipper

    You " should " do this and you " should " do that- yep- sounds mandatory to me. Typical WT leaders lingo. Have to keep guilting the elders and all JW's to donate to the "worldwide work " er, I mean the WT pedophile defense fund. It's more accurate

  • prologos

    TS: "J.W. elders should feel sick to their stomachs after this, because they cannot now deny their complicity in this scam!

    If it is this that, and if there is going to be an accounting, some elders will become more desperate, even more unreasonably controlling. fanatical, think berlin 1945.

  • Beth Sarim
    Beth Sarim
    No this is not the letter to be read to the congregations!!! Eldubs and COs only letter!!!
  • Beth Sarim
    Beth Sarim

    Even more so, the rank and file who blindly follow the Eldubs, they don't know about the directives the Borg send the Elders. They are clueless, yes CLUELESS!!! They are clueless to the directives of the May 2014 letters sent to the Elders to sent all money over $5000.00 to the Society. And they have no idea about this new, imminent fleecing on the horizon.

    If only the rank and file knew about this. Amazing!!!

    Yet the Elders go about this knowingly!!! Wouldn't this NOT disturb some of the Elders, who would have at least half a conscience. Obviously NOT!!

  • Finkelstein

    Fleece the sheep and destroy any printed information regarding pedophilia in congregations.

    Well the plot thickens doesn't ?

  • sowhatnow

    so let me get this strait, aside from simple logic , that a building needs maintenance at times, and funds need to be immediately available [for example a furnace breaks down or the roof needs a repair, or the lot needs plowed]

    And OMG, if any member happens to need some sudden financial help,[not that I have ever heard of anyone getting money from the congregation funds for a necessity ] Elders , cannot use their positions, as 'allowed' and granted to them by the society, lol, as to what is best for their particular congregations?

    gee what next no elders? if elders need to pass every thing they do on to the GB, for approval, then who needs elders? then elders are not more than police for the GB government. sort of takes away the desire to give a crap.

    at what point does a person think, 'gee, our body of elders is every bit as smart as those guys so why do we need the GB to tell us whats best to do for our hall? they claim to not be perfect, they dont know our specific needs or situation, we can handle it ourselves'.

    It doesn't click in the old brain that they are overlords controlling everything. and that by defending them it is idol worship.

    I recall my mom saying to me once, 'well you need bothers to lead, and I said, "well how are brothers made elders, and half your age, smarter than you?' [knowing full well she had disagreed with something they did in the past] If I tell you something mom, you tell me Im a fool and misled, and Im more knowledgeable than they are about the bible to begin with".

    well that conversation ended.

  • Finkelstein

    I get the impression that the GB heads don't think the flock is smart enough to use the inter-net and view information such as the organization selling large amounts of its real estate holdings around the world.

    The greed for money has established itself within these men and there's no sight of it slowing down.


    When the WBT$ was about to Raid Kingdom Hall bank accounts around the world..

    How many active JW Elders who knew about it got up on stage and tried to warn/protect their friends and family??!!..

    How many active JW Elders here,did something to warn/protect their friends and family?..

    Its the same old shit..

    Watchtower robs JWs Blind..

    JW Elders who know better,do nothing..

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